Book Review:- ‘Warship 2023’ by J. Jordan (ed.)

By Derek G. Law, published February 2024


Warship began its long life as a quarterly journal in 1977 and became an annual hardback publication in 1979. Since 2004 it has been edited by John Jordan and has steadily produced a broad and eclectic mix of articles on the design, development, and fate of combat ships from a huge range of authors. This year’s publication fits firmly in that tradition. The book itself is published to the highest production standard and is of excellent physical quality and filled with helpful photographs, charts, and plans. The volume also includes a good and large section of book reviews. One of the delights of the annual volume is the apparently random nature of topics covered, but this almost certainly guarantees that the reader will find something novel and interesting as well as informative. This 2023 volume contains 11 major articles as well as some short notes and these are both varied and typical of the journal’s range…

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