Book Review-‘Whales’ Bones of Africa and Asia (with addenda to Whales’ Bones of the Nordic Countries, Central and Eastern Europe)’ by N. Redman

By Arthur G. Credland, published January 2021


This is the eighth and final volume in a series begun in 2004 with an account of bones from the British Isles, and completes a gazetteer of the seven continents, plus an additional publication recording the peregrinations of the Oostende whale (2015). These works comprise an invaluable record of surviving whalebone arches, furniture and a variety of constructions as well as those long gone but evidenced by old prints, broadsheets and other historical sources. The information compiled, as far as possible with illustrations, is of interest to the folklorist, ethnographer, natural historian, and scientific researcher. The reader can also refer to the listings of cetacean bones, including many complete skeletons, to be found in museums, universities and maritime institutions across the globe…

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Subjects include: Archaeology | Whaling & Fishing

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