Book Review – ‘Whales’ Bones of the Americas, South Atlantic and Antarctica’ by Arthur G. Credland

By Arthur G. Credland, published December 2020


This book is the penultimate volume in a magnificent series covering cetacean remains across the globe. Unlike the sites covered previously, for this book the author has relied on the judicious use of secondary sources, and information from his invaluable correspondents. This in no way diminishes the value as a reference source, however, and the text and illustrations are supported by a full list of sources, and indexes of people, places, museums, and institutions, as well as maps of the area covered. The author, as in previous volumes, records the many collections of bones and complete skeletons to be found in museums and other institutions, or placed outdoors as public attractions.

Like its predecessors, this volume will be of interest to the cetologist, the social historian, as well as the geographer and anthropologist. The curious traveller, whether on the road or sitting in his armchair, will find much to amuse, and be constantly amazed at the results of man’s fascination with the bones of the great whales …

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Filed under: Atlantic | Nineteenth Century | Twentieth Century | Pacific | Antarctic
Subjects include: Archaeology | Miscellaneous | Whaling & Fishing

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