Book Review – ‘Zeit auf See: Chronometer und ihre Schöpfer, High-Tech aus drei Jahrhunderten’ by Albrecht Sauer (translated by Paul McColgan)

By Frank Scott, published October 2020


This book was published to accompany an exhibition in the excellent Deutsches Schiffahrtsmuseum, Bremerhaven, and judging from the contents it is one that I am very sorry to have missed. Undoubtedly its main value lies in its numerous high-quality illustrations, which are fascinating as they cover not merely completed chronometers, but all the parts involved, along with the machine tools used to make them, and various clockmakers working models made for teaching purposes and as apprentice pieces. Those with any mechanical bent will be delighted to be able see the difference between an anchor escapement and a pivoted detent escapement, and so on….

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Filed under: Eighteenth Century | Nineteenth Century | Twentieth Century
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