The Bremer Kogge: an Appraisal Concerning the Scientific Significance of the Discovery of the Bremer Kogge and Requirements for its Evaluation

By von Brandt, published February 1968


The discovery of a substantial wreck of a kogge (cog) in October 1962 was a revelation in the development of Northern European shipping. This article assesses the importance of the find and proposes preservation of the wreck, a very large-scale model for performance and stability tests, publication of the results and display in a suitable museum. The latter recommendation resulted in the re-creation of the National Maritime Museum in Bremerhaven in 1971 and the housing of the remains of the kogge and the subsequent research findings.

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Filed under: Baltic | Late Middle Ages | High Middle Ages | English Channel | North Sea
Subjects include: Historic Vessels, Museums & Restoration | Merchant Marines | Shipbuilding & Design

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