Brigantines and the Introduction of the Smack-Sail in Square-Rigged Vessels

By C. G. 'T-Hooft. , published March 1922


A print from 1757 of the brigantine “Anna” shows the typical two-masts with topgallants and topsails, and a smack-sail with standing gaff but no boom. This may be the missing link between smack-sails on square-rigged ships and brigantines. Additional proof comes from the braces of the mainmast which still lead aft, a method which would be changed in later years. Holland can claim the introduction of the smack-sail onto square-rigged vessels. As early as 1670 there is a description of a rig almost identical with that in Van der Meulen’s print by no other than Witsen.

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Subjects include: Shipbuilding & Design

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