Bristol Shipping and Royalist Naval Power during the English Civil War

By John Lynch, published August 1998


Considers Royalist imports of arms in early 1640s and difficulty of supplying the south; sympathy for Royalist cause among Bristol merchants and seafarers; significant additions to Royalist fleet on capture of Bristol; operations carried out by ships of this fleet. Discusses differences in construction and armament between merchant vessels and warships; good seaworthiness of small Bristol ships due to diversity of Bristol trade, and appearance of Bristol ships. Includes three tables of Bristol ships in 1626, 1629 and their use for war service.  An account of the difficulties experienced by the Royalist forces and Bristol owned shipping operating in the Bristol Channel region during the English Civil War. It concerns mainly the supply of weapons and munitions for the Royalist defence of Bristol and the surrounding area. It also includes a small section on the armaments of merchant shipping of the day.

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Filed under: English Civil War | Irish Sea
Subjects include: Merchant Marines | Navies

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