Britannia at Portsmouth and Portland

By H.W. Dickinson, published November 1998


NMM: BHC3125

Following the 1854 example of boy’s training in the Royal Navy, the training of cadets was initiated in 1857 aboard the two-decker HMS Illustrious in Haslar Creek. In 1859 Illustrious was replaced by the 3-decker HMS Britannia, giving much more space. Due to the moral and health deficiencies of Haslar/Portsmouth, Britannia was moved in 1862 to Portland, and in 1863 to Dartmouth where conditions were ideal. The article traces the life and academic/practical training of cadets in the Haslar/Portland era and despite the drawbacks attached to these locations there is no doubt that the retention and education of young naval officers were much improved.

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Filed under: English Channel | Other (Nineteenth C)
Subjects include: Administration | Manpower & Life at Sea

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