British Battleships of 1870 Part VII The Monarch

By Admiral G. A. Ballard, published May 1931


This steam-fitted iron vessel was one of the first two seagoing capital ships to carry centreline turret armament, and proved highly successful in service, particularly by comparison with her contemporary HMS Captain, a disastrous conceptual failure. Designed by the (Admiralty) Chief Constructor’s Department, she carried four 12-inch RML guns (a significant innovation), and was built at Chatham in 1866-9. She saw varied service (mostly in the Mediterranean) until 1890, including participation in both the 1882 bombardment of Alexandria and the 1887 Jubilee Review at Spithead. She subsequently served as a stationary guard- and depot ship at Simonstown, until scrapped (as HMS Simoom) in 1905.

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