British Battleships of 1870 Part IX The Prince Consort, Caledonia and Ocean

By Admiral G.A. Ballard, published February 1932


The author traces the history of three timber-hulled vessels, lengthened and armoured whilst still under construction in the 1860’s and launched as ocean-going battleships with broadside batteries, both steam-propulsion and sails, and all eventually Muntz metal-bottomed. He gives dramatic accounts of the Prince Consorts maiden voyage, where she was nearly lost to a storm in the Irish Sea, resulting in modifications to the class; and of the Oceans doubling of the Cape of Good Hope under sail and surviving a cyclone in the Indian Ocean, before valuable service in the Far East. Although over-engined and under-masted, these converted vessels proved remarkably successful stopgaps before their iron-hulled replacements entered service.

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Subjects include: Shipbuilding & Design | Weapons

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