British Corvettes of 1875 Part IV The Last Wooden Class

By Admiral G.A. Ballard, published November 1937


The five corvettes of the Amethyst  class (Diamond, Encounter,Modeste  and Saphire)  were the immediate predecessors of the composite “gem-class corvettes”.    Their wooden hulls necessitated relatively bluff extremities, which nevertheless proved faster under steam and canvass.  Their bulkheads, however, could not be made watertight and in consequence their time on the effective list was relatively short.  They were armed with two types of muzzle-loading 64 pounders, described in detail.  So too is their machinery, comprising compound cylinders, their rig and equipment.  There follows an account of the ships’ careers.  There are photographs of HM Ships Diamond and Encounter and, drawn by the author, a plan comparing cross sections of the wooden and composite corvettes, a fold-out profile plan of the Amethyst class and a diagram of a 64 pounder64 cwt. Mark III muzzle-loading rifled gun with an explanatory note.

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