Broughton’s Schooner

By Alan Reid, published August 1978


William Broughton purchased a schooner of about 100 tons in Macao in 1796 to assist with his explorations in the Japanese Islands. Over many years various articles have been published suggesting this to be the schooner built by Morrison, a Bounty mutineer, to sail back to civilisation. However there are many discrepancies in the descriptions of this schooner and the one that Broughton used after being shipwrecked when the Providence ran aground and became a total loss. It was thought that the true identity of the schooner would remain a mystery, but whilst researching another matter the author uncovered a letter from John Crosley, the astronomer, to Dr. Maskelyne, Royal Observatory, describing the wrecking of the Providence and the subsequent use of the Prince William Henry, built in Shoreham in 1788.

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Filed under: Other (Eighteenth C) | Shipwrecks | Pacific
Subjects include: Science & Exploration

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