Captain John Narbrough and the Battle of Solebay

By Florence E. Dyer, published August 1929


A transcript of the Journal of Narbrough, second Captain of the Prince, Duke of York’s flagship, is used by the author to explain the Battle of Solebay, in the Third Dutch War, between the allied British and French forces, against the Dutch ones, commanded by Admiral de Ruyter. The author explains his difficulties in joining the allied fleet, but the delay suffered by the Dutch for the same reason, implied that the Ruyter could not attack earlier.. The result of the battle is considered by Narbrough as slightly favourable to the Dutch, and he gives as evidence the distaste of the British for the alliance with the French, and the great value of the Duke of York as Naval Commander.

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Filed under: Dutch Wars | North Sea
Subjects include: Battles & Tactics | Navies

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