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Jottings from “Peregrine Pickle” and “Roderick Random”

By R. Stuart Bruce

Stuart Bruce appears to have been a collector of rare nautical books and in this article recounts numerous words gleaned from the two novels identified in the title. The second edition of “Peregrine Pickle” was published in four volumes in 1786, whilst the two volumes of “Roderick Random” appeared in 1787. An example of the […] Read More

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A Forgotten Life of Sir Francis Drake

By Gregory Robinson

In this paper the author reviews some of the current literature relating to Francis Drake, highlighting the fact that most histories tell only that half of his story, reflecting his role at Cadiz and in the Armada. The paper reminds us that there was another side to Drake: the plunderer of undefended towns in Spanish […] Read More

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By-Paths in Naval Literature Part II

By Commander C. N. Robinson, R.N.

This paper provided some sidelights on British naval history by quoting from little known naval books published in the eighteenth and nineteenth century. The author quotes extensively from a number of the books, covering scandals relating to Admiral Jervis and others, satirical cartoons, punishments for drunkenness, the advantages of ‘fearnaught’ clothing and the adequate supply […] Read More

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By R. Morton Nance

In this short article Morton Nance takes issue with Dr. Dingley (Oct 1920) over his use of the term brigantine to describe a totally different vessel and the confusion caused by his ignoring the use of oars in such vessels. In Morton Nance’s view the common rig for such vessels was the square mainsail and […] Read More

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The East India Company and Interlopers

By H. S. Vaughan

Vaughan’s short article answers a query (No. 95) raised in an earlier issue concerning the change of name of the New East India Company. His research in the St. Helena archives tends to show that by 1701 the company was being referred to as The New East India Company, although officially the name had changed […] Read More

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Obituary: Sir Douglas Owen

By R.C. Anderson

Sir Douglas Owen, who died in November 1920, a founding member of the Society, was elected to be its first Hon. Secretary and Treasurer at the inaugural AGM in December 1910. Prior to this he had been a member of three Committees, General, Ways and Means and Rules, which were established in June 1910 to […] Read More

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Notes from Naval Novels Part III

By Olaf Hartelie

Further to his previous extracts from naval writers of the nineteenth century, the author here provides short extracts from the works of W.J. Neale, J. Barker (“The Old Sailor”), and Captain Glascock. Of particular interest to writers on Naval Costume.  Conclusion. Read More

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The “Prince Royal” of 1610

By R.C. Anderson

A realisation that the painting by Vroom reproduced in Laird Cowes’s ‘The Royal Navy’ as ‘the arrival of the Earl of Leicester at Flushing in 1586’ is in fact the arrival of the Elector Palatine in 1613, has led to a consideration of the wealth of portraits available showing the Prince Royal of 1610, illustrated […] Read More

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The Mediterranean Galley and her Rig

By A.B. Wood

An examination of inventories from various dates and districts suggests that for 500 years until 1800 the Galley and her rig in use across the Mediterranean reflected common general principles. Even the introduction of the cannon had much less effect than in the north, for a galley’s guns were never much more than a sort […] Read More

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Adriatic Weather Rhymes

By John Leyland

Probably no other seamen have ever turned the play of poetical fancy so extensively to such a practical purpose as the fishing and coastwise seafarers of the Adriatic with their weather rhymes. Fortunately a number of officers of the late Austro-Hungarian Navy interested themselves in noting these sayings and Captain Wilhelm von Kesslitz collected them […] Read More

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