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Young Cap’n Nat of Stonington

By Erwin Palmer

An account of the early voyages to the Antarctic continent of Nathaniel Brown Palmer, who went to sea as a Connecticut boy in the war of 1812 and was given command of the sloop Hero for a sealing expedition to the South Atlantic in 1820. Palmer is credited with being the first American to sight […] Read More

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Alan Villiers, D.S.C, Litt.D. (Univ. of Melb.)

By Memorial address by Viscount Runciman of Doxford

Alan Villiers was a fine seaman and author.  His sailing apprenticeship included a  Tasmanian square-rigger and a four-masted barque.  Then the Äaland-owned Lawhill provided a berth.  Subsequently, he became a journalist, sailed in the Herzogin Cecilie; creating “Falmouth for Orders”.  Grace Harwar  provided his film-making debut.   He circumnavigated the world in Joseph Conrad, then sailed […] Read More

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John Biscoe’s Voyage Round the World 1830-1833

By A. G. E. Jones

This paper examines Biscoe’s voyage which was instigated by Charles Enderby, one of the founder members of the Royal Geographical Society.  It was very much focused on discovery, rather than commercial profit, and proved a striking example of seamanship amidst huge difficulties.  Biscoe’s discoveries gave strong support to the existence of an Antarctic continent and […] Read More

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Edward Bransfield, Master R.N.

By A.G.E. Jones

Born in Cork, circa 1783 Bransfield was pressed in 1803. Steadily promoted he spent the Napoleonic War on various blockade and convoy duties, but no major actions. This was rectified when as Master of the Severn under Captain Aylmer he took part in the attack on Algiers in 1816. Proposing a new method of observing […] Read More

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The Voyage of the Hopefull and the Rose 1833- 34

By A G E Jones

In 1833, Messrs Enderby proposed a scientific and commercial speculative voyage to the Antarctic. John Biscoe, who had recently returned from a similar voyage, would go on the expedition and would be accompanied by an RN officer, sailing on the brig Hopefull and the yawl Rose. Leadership of the expedition proved problematic and the Rose […] Read More

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John Biscoe (1794-1843)

By A.G.E. Jones

This biographical account of John Biscoe describes the life of the British explorer from birth until his early death at the age of forty-nine. The article discusses the vessels that he sailed in, his reputation, and the results of his success in the exploration to the Southern Ocean where he discovered Enderby Land, amongst other […] Read More

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The Society Annual Lecture 1953: Captain James Cook as a Hydrographer

By R.A. Skelton

This paper was given as the Annual lecture on 12 November 1953. It focuses on the abilities of Cook as surveyor, particularly in the early part of his life, discussing where he acquired his skills and to whom he owed his education and training. Illustrations of some of his early charts are given, along with […] Read More

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The Charting of the South Shetlands, 1819-28

By R. T. Gould

Gould draws on his hydrographical knowledge and experience to disentangle the history of the surveys of the South Shetland Islands conducted in the 1820s by various British and American sealers, along with Edward Bransfield for the Royal Navy. Illustrated by several reproductions of early charts, and two sketch maps showing Bransfield’s surveys. Read More

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Sledge Flags: Their Origin and Development

By H.G. Carr

A quick look at the use of flags on the sledges used in polar exploration with illustrations of some of the flags used. The author describes when such flags were first used and lists the names of the sledges and their commanders. The article describes their use on celebratory occasions. Read More

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