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Book Review:- ‘The Arctic Journal of Captain Henry Wemyss Feilden, R. A., The Naturalist in H. M. S. ‘Alert’, 1875–1876’ by T. H. Levere (ed.)

By Russell A. Potter

The Hakluyt Society continues its long-running series of volumes of exploration narratives with this fine edition of Henry Feilden’s journal, written while he was aboard HMS Alert on the British Arctic Expedition commanded by George Strong Nares from 1875 to 1876. The Nares Expedition, as it is commonly known, was hampered to a degree by […] Read More

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In Search of ‘Privileged Traders and Sly Foxes’: The Danish navy’s operations in the North Atlantic in the eighteenth century

By Søren Nørby & Jakob Seerup

In November 1740 a letter arrived in Copenhagen from the Danish naval cadet Hans Hendrik Eller who was clearly frustrated about being held by the Dutch authorities in an Amsterdam prison. Eller gave a thorough account of how he and his crew had suffered a grave injustice and were now unlawfully imprisoned. He ended his […] Read More

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Book Review: ‘To Rule Eurasia’s Waves: The new great power competition at sea’ by G. F. Gresh,

By Duncan Connors

Since Napoleonic times experts have made naval and geopolitical predictions that have rarely come true. This can be seen comparatively recently in the widely speculative assessments of Soviet naval power between 1970 and 1990, which after the end of the Cold War were shown to be false. This extended review tackles a prediction by author […] Read More

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Book Review-‘After the Lost Franklin Expedition: Lady Franklin and John Rae’ by P. Baxter

By Tom Muir

It seems that Dr John Rae is a popular fellow, as on the back of his unfinished autobiography comes this new book by Peter Baxter. To recap the story, it contrasts the adventures of the Orkney-born Arctic explorer, Rae (1813–93), and veteran Arctic explorer Sir John Franklin. It was Rae who first discovered the fate […] Read More

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Book Review-‘Scottish Arctic Whaling’ by C. W. Sanger

By Arthur G. Credland

Sanger has published extensively on the subject of whaling and sealing and this volume shows an author in complete command of his sources. Utilizing diaries, logs and records of catches he gives us a narrative which reveals the hazards of the northern fishery, with frostbite, scurvy and death being a constant threat. With tremendous skill, […] Read More

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The Politics of Liverpool’s Northern Whaling Trade, 1750–1823

By Simon Hill

Whaling is a largely under-researched aspect of Georgian Liverpool’s maritime heritage. Nevertheless, some broad features of this trade are known. Indeed, Liverpool began sending whaling vessels to the Arctic in 1750, but by 1823 this trade had effectively collapsed at the port. However, there is one area in particular that has been especially overlooked by […] Read More

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The Role of Foreign Experts in the Revival of Scottish Northern Whaling: 1750-1784

By Chesley W. Sanger

Occasional voyages were made by the British to engage in Northern Whaling from the 1630s but the trade only entered a period of rapid expansion from 1750 until, by 1823, the Scots had become the principal suppliers of Arctic whale products. Scottish companies hired experienced Dutch whalers to assist them from 1750 and then in […] Read More

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Health and Safety in the British Deep-Sea Trawl Fisheries in the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries

By Susan Capes and Robb Robinson

The paper makes comparisons between the working conditions for those working in deep sea trawlers especially apprentices in the late nineteenth century and the second half of the twentieth century. In the earlier period sailing smacks made up the majority of the fleet especially at Hull and Grimsby. Apprentices were used as crewmen and many […] Read More

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Note: A Newly Discovered Arctic Whaling Journal of 1774

By AM Barrigon, Bernard Stonehouse and Robb Robinson

The discovery of a rare journal of a whaling voyage provides details of a voyage which would otherwise be unrecorded. Read More

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‘Handsome Willie May’: a Reappraisal

By Mary Jones

Willie May (1849-1930) has been accused by historians of vanity, incompetence and unpopularity. His career spanned the sailing and “steam and torpedo” Navy. It merits reappraisal. Promoted methodically from sea duties, experimental vessels, European naval attache, royal yachts and the newest battleship, May acquired considerable experience and fame. Curiously, most of May’s appointments were relinquished […] Read More

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