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Sustaining British Naval Power Through New England Masts During the Seven Years War

By Yuichi Hiono

This study focuses on the Royal Navy’s use of American naval stores, especially New England masts, during the Seven Years War. It highlights the significance of the eastward naval logistics of American naval stores across the Atlantic, based on records revealing the navy’s constant effort to sustain these logistics in the British Atlantic world. Drawing […] Read More

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Subjects include: Harbours & Dockyards | Logistics | Navies

Delayed Adjustment: Economic crisis, political change and state intervention in the Spanish shipbuilding industry, about 1975–1990

By Jesus M. Valdaliso

This article seeks to explain the impact of the international shipping crisis of the 1970s on the Spanish shipbuilding industry (then the third biggest in Europe after Sweden and Germany) and the responses to the crisis given by the state and by shipyards. It contributes to the literature on the decline of merchant shipbuilding in […] Read More

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Subjects include: Shipbuilding & Design

Some Adventures of a Seafaring Accountant: William Crickmay and the Royal Mail Steam Packet Company, 1853–1858

By Ernest W. Toy

William Crickmay was the purser of five Royal Mail Steam Packet Company ships from 1854 to 1858. These ships provided mail services from Southampton to St Thomas and Rio de Janeiro, and thence to local ports of call. His third ship, the Orinoco, chartered for war service, voyaged to and from Portsmouth to the Crimean war […] Read More

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Subjects include: Biography | Manpower & Life at Sea

Note: ‘The Battle of the Atlantic’: A legend deconstructed

By Eric Grove

The ‘Battle of the Atlantic’ is a powerful legend. Throughout the war, it is said, a ‘battle’ raged as the Germans mounted a near decisive attack on the shipping that lay at the heart of the Allied war effort. The U-boat was the chief instrument. Convoys were consistently attacked with heavy losses inflicted by U-boat […] Read More

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The Convoy System in the Mid-Atlantic, 1917–1918

By Augusto Salgado

When in February 1917 Germany started the unrestricted submarine campaign, the number of merchant ships sunken by U-boats increased, reaching its peak in April that year. From that time the number of vessels sunk started to decrease. However, a more detailed study of the number of ships sunk while navigating the area between the north […] Read More

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Subjects include: Merchant Marines | Submarines

German Supply Ships and Blockade Runners in the Canary Islands in the Second World War

By Juan-José Díaz-Benítez

At the start of the Second World War a number of German merchant ships took refuge in the Canary Islands. The German authorities took control of them and some were used as blockade runners and others as supply ships for the German navy. The preparation and departure of these ships was performed with the consent […] Read More

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Documents. Two sets of fighting instructions, 1914

By Stephen McLaughlin

The two sets of tactical instructions relate to the defeat at the Battle of Coronel of Rear Admiral Sir Christopher Cradock. Read More

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Subjects include: Battles & Tactics | Navies

‘Suitable to the Meanest Capacity’: Mathematics, navigation and self-education in the early modern British Atlantic

By Mordechai Levy-Eichel

How was elementary mathematical learning initially acquired in early modern England and the wider Atlantic world? What kind of mathematics was being emphasized? What kind of materials and methods were employed? What were the motivations of those learning the subject? This article argues that a large part of early modern mathematics was self-taught, began informally, […] Read More

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Subjects include: Science & Exploration

The Wreck of the Dutch East India Company Ship Haarlem in Table Bay, 1647, and the Establishment of the ‘Tavern of the Seas’

By Bruno EJS Werz

On Sunday 25 March 1647, shortly after five o’clock in the afternoon, the Dutch East India Company (VOC) ship Nieuw Haarlem or Haarlem was wrecked in Table Bay, off the coast of South Africa. The events that followed had far-reaching consequences for the history of South Africa. Fifty-eight of the crew were repatriated by accompanying […] Read More

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Subjects include: Harbours & Dockyards | Merchant Marines | Strategy & Diplomacy

Note: New Light on the Battle Off the Virginia Capes: Graves vs Hood

By Michael J. Crawford

A new version of the narrative describing the battle off the Virginia Capes, in which the logs of Hood’s ships are investigated to find the truth. Read More

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Subjects include: Battles & Tactics | Navies

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