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The Royal Marines Capture, Fortification and Defence of Anholt Island 1807–1812

By Martin L. Robson

During the British gunboat war against Denmark–Norway in the period 1808–13, the Danish island of Anholt posed a navigational hazard to Baltic convoys carrying strategic materials and manufactured goods through the Baltic. It also offered a secure supply of freshwater and an alternative anchorage to Wingo Sound. When the lighthouse marking the island and its […] Read More

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How Large Was Mars? An investigation of the dimensions of a legendary Swedish warship, 1563–1564

By Niklas Eriksson

The Swedish warship Mars was considered to have been one of the largest ships in the world when it exploded and sank in 1564. The problem is that no written accounts clearly reveal its dimensions. This article reviews how different researchers have discussed the size of Mars in the past. It also aims to shed new light on this […] Read More

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The Destruction of the Danish Frigate Najaden at the Battle of Lyngør, 1812

By Martin L. Robson

The British gunboat war against Denmark in the period 1808 to 1813 was conducted against vital Baltic convoys carrying strategic materials and manufactured goods travelling through hostile or, at best, neutral waters. Following the loss of her battle fleets, Danish Norwegian attacking forces consisted of highly manoeuvrable oared vessels carrying few guns and lighter brigs […] Read More

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Note: Engineer Captain Nikolai Saczkowski and the Yenisei

By George Bailey OBE

This description of the careers of Engineer Captain Saczkowski and the Yenisei illuminate the period at the start of the first World War when British submarines assisted the Russian Baltic fleet. Read More

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Note: The Åland Maritime Museum

By Hanna Hagmark-Cooper

The Director of the Aland Maritime Museum describes its exhibitions and its artefacts. Read More

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Subjects include: Administration | Historic Vessels, Museums & Restoration

Foreign Ships in the Fleet of the Russian–American Company (1799–1867)

By Andrei V. Grinëv

The Russian–American Company fleet (1799–1871) provided communication between the Asian and Baltic ports of Russia and the distant Russian colonies in Alaska and the Aleutian Islands. At the beginning of its existence its fleet consisted exclusively of Russian-built ships, but gradually came to be made up of ships built in England, the United States, Germany […] Read More

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North Sea and Baltic Convoy 1793–1814: as Experienced by Merchant Masters Employed by Michael Henley & Son

By John Barney

Letters to Michael Henley & Son from their ship’s masters provided a source of material for the views and opinions of the convoy systems put in place with the Convoy Act of 1798 during the French wars. The information ranges from ships engaged in commercial trade, to ships used by the Transport Service and their […] Read More

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The Supply of Casks and Staves to the Royal Navy, 1770–1815

By Roger Morriss

The sailing Royal Navy needed wooden casks for fresh water, alcohol and food. Consumption peaked in 1805: Deptford Yard issued 72,253 tight casks and 72,073 dry casks, and the annual average at Portsmouth was 10,000 and at Plymouth 21,700. From the 1780s cask staves were principally English beech, from 1800, oak from Quebec, but the […] Read More

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From Private to Official Hydrography: the Charts and Sailing Directions of Joseph Dessiou (1743–1822) and his Son, Joseph Foss Dessiou (1769–1853)

By Susanna Fisher

Joseph Dessiou of Dartmouth was of a seafaring family engaged in the Newfoundland trade. He undertook hydrographic surveys during his seagoing career as a master and in later life turned to chart compilation for commercial publishers. His son Joseph Foss Dessiou, a master first in the merchant marine and then in the Royal Navy, also […] Read More

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The Origins, Conduct and Outcome of the British Naval Exercises of 1885

By Matthew Allen

The naval exercises of 1885 at Berehaven under the command of Admiral Hornby, Commander in chief Portsmouth, were the epitome of the close relationship between naval training and naval doctrine during the ironclad era. They rehearsed the establishment of an advanced base in hostile waters, an essential component of both an effective close blockade and […] Read More

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