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Charles Sheldon and the Baltic’s First Dry Dock

By Daniel G. Harris

Charles Sheldon (1665-1739) was Chief Shipwright of the Stockholm shipyard from 1692 until his death. In 1703, Sheldon visited England, France and Holland studying developments in shipbuilding and dockyards. On his return, he proposed the building of a dry dock at the Karlskrona dockyard. This was accepted and construction began in 1716. Construction was disrupted […] Read More

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Note: Russian Sources on British Naval History, 1900-18

By Prof. D.V. Likharev

A list of the dispatches sent by Russian naval attachés as well as letters and telegrams of the period. The ‘Baltic Project’ was not amongst the subjects covered by the sources. Read More

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Rolf Krake: Europe’s First Turreted Ironclad

By Arnold A Putnam

In 1862, as tension between Denmark and Prussia increased, the Danish Navy ordered the ironclad Rolf Krake from Napiers, Glasgow, a firm already experienced in this new form of construction. For the first time in a European warship, the main armament was mounted in two armoured turrets.   The author in “Contract and Construction” includes many […] Read More

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The Royal Navy and the Developments of Mobile Logistics 1851–94

By David Evans

The first attempt by the Royal Navy at providing a mobile workshop facility was in 1851 when the schooner HMS Spider was equipped with basic tools for making and repairing articles for the Devonport Steam Reserve. In early 1854, with the imminent outbreak of hostilities with Russia likely, the wooden sail assisted paddle steamer HMS […] Read More

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Note: Hankey on Fisher’s Baltic ‘Chimera’

By Ruddock Mackay

A further discussion as to the extent of Fisher’s obsession with the Baltic as the naval scenario of the future. Read More

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The New Holland: Her Voyages and the Men who Sailed in Her, 1827-1847

By Iain Rodger

This study of the career of a relatively small and obscure British brig and her crew sheds some light on the merchant shipping industry between the Napoleonic Wars and the Crimean War. Tyne-built, the New Holland was first registered at Newcastle in January 1827. Initially, she was joint-owned by George Trail, farmer and landowner in […] Read More

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Henrik Gerner and the Danish 1776 ‘Defence Ship’ Programme

By Dan G Harris

Relatively unknown outside of his home country of Denmark and other Scandinavian countries, this article introduces the naval architect Henrik Gerner, a contemporary of F H Chapman, and his significant contribution to the revival of Denmark’s shipbuilding industry, primarily through the introduction of defence ship or naval auxiliary programme. The piece opens with a discussion […] Read More

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Note: Vice Admiral Boyle Somerville and the Ninth Cruiser Squadron, 1914

By Norman McCord

First published in Blackwood’s Magazine in 1920, this records the career of H.B.T. Somerville, and his experiences in the armed merchant cruiser Victorian. Read More

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Note: Danish Neutrality and the Royal Navy, 1795-1797

By A.H. Reed

The policy of ‘security and prosperity’ which had dictated Danish neutrality resulted in a great number of belligerant cargoes being carried in belligerant ships under Danish flags. The sales of prizes also affected British owners. The Royal Navy attempted to challenge the poorly maintained Danish neutrality, with little success. Read More

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Note: The Ability of Steam Powered Sailing Battleships to go to Windward

By Basil Greenhill and Ann Gifford

An account of the engagement between British forces in the Gulf of Finland and the Russian navy, leading to a discussion of the handling of early steam-assisted screw propelled vessels. Read More

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