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The Shipping Interests of the Beckwith Family of Colchester, 1816–1919

By Ian Beckwith withh John Collins

This article endeavours to construct the history of the Beckwith family and their various partners in a shipping business which, in various forms, operated out of the port of Colchester from 1816 to 1919. The family’s interests began with Joseph Beckwith, a master mariner on the coastal trade. Through his connections with shipowners, his sons […] Read More

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Review : ‘Shipping on the Thames and the Port of London during the 1940s–1980s: A pictorial history’ by M. Batten and R. Batten,

By Hugh Murphy

By the end of the nineteenth century London was already the world’s leading port, handling more cargo by weight and value than any other UK port. A Royal Commission of 1900 published its findings in 1902 recommending a single, unified public authority to run the docks, act in the interests of port users and provide […] Read More

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Annoyed Every Inch of Their Passage’: Admiral Lord Keith’s counter-invasion campaign, May 1803–August 1805

By Martin L. Robson

Defence against invasion is a prime Royal Navy task, but arguably the campaign of 1803 to 1805 has been overshadowed to the point of neglect. Here, Admiral Keith directed a detailed plan of defence which stretched from the harbour of Boulogne to the Thames estuary and encompassed craft from 74-gun ships of the line to […] Read More

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Document: Mission of the Vanneau to the English Coast, 12–18 August 1787

By Steve Fraser

A lively account of a short reconnaissance mission in the Channel by the captain of the French vessel Vanneau, held in the Archives Nationales, is interesting for the glimpse it gives of naval relations in the period immediately prior to the Dutch crisis of September 1787.Footnote1 Since the peace of 1783, British officers had been […] Read More

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Lord Love the Irish and Damnation to the English: The naval mutinies of 1798

By Philip MacDougall

Concentrating on a series of mutinies that were planned during the summer of 1798 to take a number of British warships of the Channel Fleet into the enemy port of Brest, this article is a micro study of one of those ships, the 74-gun Defiance in the three-week period, 7–28 July 1798, during which the […] Read More

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Did Steam Make Shipping Safer? Evidence from the British Coastal Bulk Trades

By Roy Fenton

The transition from sail to steam had more profound effects than any other development in the recorded history of merchant shipping. In combination with iron and steel hulls, steam power enabled ships to become larger, more reliable and more efficient, with far reaching effects on the shipping industry and world trade. But the question has […] Read More

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Book Review-‘The Corsairs of Saint-Malo: Network organization of a merchant elite under the Ancien Regime’ by H. Hillman

By Jeremy Land

Exploring how privateering provided ample opportunities for mercantile networking and profit-sharing, Henning Hillmann offers a multidisciplinary look at the organizational linkages between merchants, captains, and corsairs (pirates to those they attacked). Attempting to map and understand the rise and fall of Saint-Malo as both a base for privateering and standard commerce, Hillmann utilizes a sociological […] Read More

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Book Review-‘Dunkirk and the Little Ships’ by P. Weir,

By Duncan Conners

The Little Ships of the evacuation of Dunkirk are firmly etched into the common folk lore surrounding the events of the Second World War. Requisitioned by the Royal Navy via the Ministry of Shipping, a series of workboats, fishing boats, small pleasure cruisers and leisure steamers were taken (mostly with the owner’s permission, sometimes without) […] Read More

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The Liberty and the London: Fishing for guns, 1650–1665

By David Cressey

Little has been written about the history of English underwater salvage in the mid-seventeenth century. The navy of the 1650s and the 1660s needed divers and salvagers for their expanded operations, especially during wars against the Dutch. Ships sunk deep at sea were irretrievable, but vessels lost near shore in tidal waters could yield recoverable […] Read More

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Book Review-‘Catastrophe at Spithead: The sinking of the ‘Royal George’’ by H. L. Rubinstein

By John M. Bingeman

Hilary Rubinstein’s in-depth research has successfully collated all the relevant information to explain why the 100-gun Royal George should have foundered on 29 August 1782 while at anchor between Portsmouth and the Isle of Wight. Certainly, to the many witnesses it was beyond belief that she could just disappear with only her mast visible in […] Read More

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