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Some Naval Courts-Martial 1701-2

By W. Senior

On the 2nd and 4th October, 1701, Captains Rumsey and Litttelon, who had been lately employed in suppressing pirates in the East Indies, are tried on board the Revenge in the Downs for “irregularities and undue practices,” In Litttelon’s case it is decided that the captain ” did carry in the ship under his command […] Read More

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Decaen and Linois

By John Leyland

When in March 1803, a French squadron left Brest bound for Pondicherry in India, relations between the senior military officer General Decaen, and the Rear Admiral Linois were already strained. Decaen, appointed Captain-General of French establishments in India (now to be returned under the provisions of the Treaty of Amiens), believed that Linois was disrespectful […] Read More

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An Early-Victorian Windfall

By W. Senior

In June of 1844, Sir Edward Belcher and two boats from HMS Samarang were engaged in surveying the Molucca Islands when they encountered a hostile group of natives. The British retaliated by burning the local village and several prahus (outrigger canoes) drawn up on the beach. That night the natives responded by sending fifteen large […] Read More

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The Last of the East Indiamen

By W.B. Whall

This article recounts the end of the era of “John Company’s” ships. The regulation by Act of Parliament of the conditions of service is explained, and the reasons for its having been the source of huge wealth outlined.   When the monopoly ceased in 1814, along with the China trade in 1834, the ships were taken […] Read More

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Subjects include: Ocean Liners & Passenger Craft | Ship Handling & Seamanship

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