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British Seapower and the Mysore Wars of the Eighteenth Century

By Philip Macdougall

The naval aspirations of Hyder Ali (1760–82) and Tipu Sultan (1782–99), rulers of the southern Indian state of Mysore, is a much neglected subject. In creating a naval force, that clearly emulated those of the European nations, it was seen as a means of first neutralizing the power of the British before being ultimately used […] Read More

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Entirely the Most Absurd and False Narrative that was ever Deliver’d to the Publick’: an Inquiry into what Really Happened on George Shelvocke’s Privateering Voyage

By Tim Beattie

It has been generally agreed that the two contemporary published accounts of the privateering expedition undertaken in 1719 by John Clipperton and George Shelvocke are thoroughly unreliable and the writers, in the words of O. K. Spate, ‘hard liars both’. Recent studies, by Glyndwr Williams (1997), Philip Edwards (1994) and Jonathan Lamb (2001 and 2004) […] Read More

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Note: The Loss of the MV Dara 8 April 1961

By Robin Knox-Johnston

An account of the loss by fire after an explosion of the MV Dara. Read More

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‘This Great Complex Concern’: Victualling the Royal Navy on the East Indies Station, 1780–1815

By Martin Wilcox

The East Indies station was the largest and most challenging area in which the Royal Navy operated during the long eighteenth century. Although operations on the station are well understood, its administration has until recently been the subject of little research. This article, which builds upon work by the author on the victualling of the […] Read More

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The First Alan Villiers Memorial Lecture: Naval Capability in the Early Modern Period: An introduction

By Jeremy Black

This lecture focuses on the geopolitical consequences of Portuguese entry into the Indian Ocean, the most significant instance of a major change in naval capability in this period. Read More

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Note: The British India Steam Navigation Company Ltd, Deck-passenger Trade

By Tom Kelso

The ships who carried deck passengers,  known as the ‘unberthed’ trade often carried large numbers, which made them ideal as troop carriers when the war needed huge passing carrying capacity. Read More

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Subjects include: Ocean Liners & Passenger Craft

Note: On the improbability of a Swahili origin for the word ‘dhow’.

By James Edgar Taylor

The origins of the use of the word ‘dhow’ in Swahili are painstakingly investigated. Read More

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The Ascent of Extranational Tide Tables

By Paul Hughes and Alan D. Wall

The nineteenth century saw the development of tidal prediction from synthetic, which predicts high and low water for diurnal and semidiurnal tides, to harmonic, which deals with the whole tidal profile. Starting in 1839, France had by 1874 calculated fifteen home ports, and her colonies with a volume based on Tonkin in 1873; America had […] Read More

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Between Newfoundland and the Malacca Strait: a Survey of the Golden Age of Piracy, 1695-1725

By Arne Bialuschewskia

In terms of the intensity of activity the thirty years between 1695 and 1725 were the “Golden Age” of piracy afloat. Early modern piracy flourished because it offered material gains rather than being a proletarian reaction to harsh working conditions at sea. Three widely-separated areas saw intense activity in turn between 1695 and 1725: the […] Read More

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Grapnel Stone Anchors from Saurashtra: Remnants of Indo-Arab Trade on the Indian Coast

By A.S. Gaur, Sundaresh and Sila Tripati

Medieval stone grapnel anchors on the coast of Gujarat on the Arabian Sea were investigated from 1991 to 2001. These stone anchors probably originated between the eight and fourteenth centuries AD during an upsurge of Arab maritime activity starting in the second century AD which ended gradually after the arrival of the Portuguese. Generally long […] Read More

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