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Note: Navigator

By Lt Cdr R.J.H. Griffiths

The career at sea of James Mortlock, who identified the islands to which he gave his name. Read More

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Pyramidal Anchor Stone from Baga Waters of Goa, West Coast of India

By Sila Tripati

Description of pyramidal anchor stone found off the coast of the city of Baga in Goa, a region susceptible to shipwrecks due to storms, hidden reefs and sand bars. The characteristics of the anchor stone are described, and whilst is does share some of the characteristics with Indo-Aran type stones, however, there are differences that […] Read More

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Note: The Death of Marcus McCausland

By Colin Jones

The events which lead to the death of this young officer in Zanzibar are detailed. Read More

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Subjects include: Manpower & Life at Sea

The Finest Invention in the World: the Royal Navy’s Early Trials of Copper Sheathing, 1708-1770

By Randolph Cock

For wooden vessels venturing into warmer waters it would not be until the advent of the steel hull that their nemesis ‘The Worm’ – Teredo Navalis – would be a thing of the past. In this article the author details early experiments by the Royal Navy to limit the worm’s destructive effects to a ship’s […] Read More

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Documents: The Taking of Geeriah Fort and Town 1756 Amphibious Operations in Indian Waters

By courtesy of Jeremy Franks

This is a transcript of a manuscript in the Indian papers of Christopher Henrik Braad (1728-81). McGonen (or McGovern or McGowan), its signatory, was an observer on board HMS Kent and on shore with troops. Well informed on points of military detail, he seems to be a soldier. In the account of the attack on […] Read More

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Lord Melville, the Admiralty and the Coming of Steam Navigation

By Peter Hore

  In the 1820s and early 1830s Robert Saunders Dundas, 2nd Lord Melville andFirst Lord of the Admiralty, and Admiral Sir Thomas Byam Martin, Comptroller/Controller of the Navy, executed a secret plan to buy up the latest steam engines.   Knowing also that steam could not be introduced at sea until sufficient stockpiles of coal existed, […] Read More

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Note: Herodotus 4.42, the Sun Direction

By Yaacov Kahanov

A discussion of the report by Herodotus that Africa had been cicumnavigated by the Phoenicians. Read More

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The Mysterious Hulc

By Basil Greenhill

The study of the development and structure of medieval ships has for many years relied on iconographic evidence and the hulc in particular has proved different from other types with its characteristic dish like shape and ‘reversed’ clinker construction.  Any recognised remains have yet to be found in Europe but various forms, some very close […] Read More

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Document: Get a Haircut!

By courtesy of Colin Jones

In November 1912 Captain Hughes-Onslow, Second Naval Member of the Australian Naval Board, inspected the Royal Australian Navy’s Williamstown Naval Depot. Although generally satisfied with what he found he was critical of a number of aspects of the base and its personnel. His greatest concern was the length of the men’s hair which he demanded […] Read More

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Seychelles Schooners: a Retrospect

By P.A.B. Thomson

A detailed account and short essay of the sailing schooners trading general cargo amongst the island archipelago of the Seychelles group. The vessels listed were locally built with regard to specialised local conditions experienced in the region. Read More

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