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Note: The Short and Active Life of a Brig-sloop at war: HMS Wolverine 1798-1804

By R.J.G. Griffiths

An account of the furious reistance put up by this remarkable ship’s captains and crew in a succession of assaults by numerous larger assailants. Read More

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The Straits of Hormuz Fleets: Omani-Portuguese Naval Rivalry and Encounters, c.1660-1680

By Glenn J. Ames

Portuguese trade with Asia was outperformed by the Dutch during the seventeenth century but there was a localised resurgence in the Arabian Sea and in East Africa during the later part of the period. The main opposition to the Portuguese, whose strength centred on Goa, came from a powerful Omani Arab state. Conflict continued throughout […] Read More

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Note: Early Dutch Steamships in Eastern Waters.

By Charles Dawson

These vessels and their owners are described as a follow-up to the MM article in 1995/3 by Colin Bains. Read More

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Jean François Hodoul, Corsair of the Indian Ocean

By P.A.B. Thomson

  Jean Francois Hodoul was one of the best known French Indian Ocean corsairs of the Revolutionary War of 1793 to 1801 after Surcouf, Lememe and Perroud. Unlike his more celebrated peers he did not return to privateering after the Peace of Amiens broke down in 1803. Instead he settled in the Seychelles, effectively neutral […] Read More

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Indian Ocean Littoral Maritime Evolution: the Case of the Yemeni Huri and Sanbuq

By Edward Prados

Though Arab dhows are often considered as unchanging relics of a long-distant past, the author shows that they have been evolving constantly in response to external influences and economic constraints. Thus the huri have evolved from double-ended dugouts to transom-sterned planked boats. Meanwhile, the archetypal sanbuq has seemingly come full circle; originally a double-ended vessel, […] Read More

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Note: Seychelles Schooners

By Peter Thomson

The various vessels known as Seychelles schooners are described, with their fishing locations and habits. There is an understanding of the reasons behind their decline, including a lack of investment on the part of the owners and reluctance to change within the society. Read More

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Note: Plagiarism on the Bounty: a note on the composition of Morrison’s Journal.

By Gavin de Lacy

Morrison constructed his journal after his pardon, not during the voyage. Its text is compared with other sources. Read More

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Subjects include: Biography | Manpower & Life at Sea

The Voyage of the Eagle 1773

By Dr. James H. Thomas

The article details the sequence of events in 1773 that delayed the East India Company (E.I.C.) packet Eagle for eight months on its maiden voyage from England to Borneo. The vessel, outward bound from Gravesend, ran aground and was badly damaged. She limped into Portsmouth for navy sanctioned repairs at the dockyard, illustrating the relationship […] Read More

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Note: W.R. Brougthon and the Insularity of Sakhalin

By Ian R. Stone

It took the Crimean War to demonstrate that Sakhalin was an island after all. The surveyor Brougthon had done his best in the 18th century with very small resources, but his results were confounded by the Russians. Read More

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The New Holland: Her Voyages and the Men who Sailed in Her, 1827-1847

By Iain Rodger

This study of the career of a relatively small and obscure British brig and her crew sheds some light on the merchant shipping industry between the Napoleonic Wars and the Crimean War. Tyne-built, the New Holland was first registered at Newcastle in January 1827. Initially, she was joint-owned by George Trail, farmer and landowner in […] Read More

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