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Liverpool to Hull – by Sea?

By John Armstrong and Julie Stevenson

Analysis of the records of Thomas Wilson & Son, Hull’s largest shipowners, in the last 15 years of the nineteenth century shows that between 9,000 and 13,500 tons of goods were carried annually by sea rather than rail between Liverpool and Hull, despite the distance of the north-about sea trip being five times greater than […] Read More

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Parliamentary Naval Politics 1641-49

By M.L. Baumber

The radicals marked their triumph in the Navy by reviving the mixed Navy Commission of 1642, showing very clearly that it was a device to ensure close parliamentary control over the Navy. Yet for a second time its effective authority lasted no more than a year, before renewed allegations of corruption against the merchants provoked […] Read More

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The New Holland: Her Voyages and the Men who Sailed in Her, 1827-1847

By Iain Rodger

This study of the career of a relatively small and obscure British brig and her crew sheds some light on the merchant shipping industry between the Napoleonic Wars and the Crimean War. Tyne-built, the New Holland was first registered at Newcastle in January 1827. Initially, she was joint-owned by George Trail, farmer and landowner in […] Read More

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The Procurement of Shipping by the Board of Ordnance during the American War, 1775-82

By David Syrett

During the American War British forces were fighting in North America, the West Indies and the Mediterranean. Responsibility rested with the Board of Ordnance to transport engineers and the Royal Regiment of Artillery along with their equipment and munitions to overseas destinations and to naval and military sites round Britain. To undertake these tasks the […] Read More

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Early Life-Boats in Liverpool Bay

By Nicholas Leach

This article examines the establishment of life-boats in Liverpool Bay in the context of the economic changes that were occurring in the last quarter of the eighteenth century. The expansion of shipping and navigational difficulties at the mouth of the Mersey gave concern to ship-owners and marine underwriters alike. The initiatives taken to safeguard shipping […] Read More

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The Mercer Affair

By R.J. Adam

In May 1777 the French bound 322 ton merchant ship Mercer was brought into the Cumberland port of Whitehaven, having been taken by her crew as a prize. This was an episode in the War of American Independence with those responsible for relieving the captain of his command being ‘Old Countrymen stranded on the wrong […] Read More

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Conferences in British Nineteenth-Century Coastal Shipping

By John Armstrong

Maintains that conferences and pooling agreements in British coastal shipping pre-dated those in overseas shipping. Discusses the early agreements between Glasgow merchants and Liverpool shipowners from 1832 onwards; similar arrangements between Liverpool and London; on the east coast between Scottish ports and London and between the Tyne and London; and passenger agreements on the River […] Read More

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Irish Privateers during the Civil War, 1642-50

By Jane H. Ohlmeyer

One of Spain’s treasure shipments was intercepted by an Irish privateer, one of many off the waters of Britain. Letters of marque issued by the Spanish authority in Flanders allowed privateers to hinder at sea all enemies to the ‘Catholic cause’.   The article details the use made of Ireland as a base for privateering, with […] Read More

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The Navy at Peace: the Activities of the Early Jacobean Navy 1603-1618

By Elizabeth Milford

Naval activities diminished after 1603.  Ships continued with patrolling, embassageing and anti-piracy duties in the Narrow Seas.  Typically there were only four to five ships in commission with pinnaces.   The Dutch and Spanish were still at war; England was nominally neutral.  The Dutch were challenging England’s sovereignty over the Seas.  The  North and Irish Seas […] Read More

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The Navy and the Civil War in Ireland 1643-46

By M.L. Baumber

This provides a detailed chronological account of how the Royalists and Parliament used their individual navies during the English Civil War to respectively facilitate or thwart Royalist attempts to use the army in Ireland to assist their cause in England. It describes key actors their objectives, constraints, alliances and results. It details the ships and […] Read More

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