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Between Venice and the Levant: Re-evaluating Maritime Routes from the Fourteenth to the Sixteenth Century

By Renard Gluzman

John H Pryor in Geography, Technology and War in 1988 claimed that technological constraints and weather patterns led medieval seaman to choose narrow coastal routes following the Northern Shore in the Eastern Mediterranean between Venice and the Levant. Braudel takes a similar view of 16th and 17th century routes albeit for different reasons. These conclusions […] Read More

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A Group of Exceptionally Heavy Ancient Sounding Leads: New Data Concerning Deep-water Navigation in the Roman Mediterranean

By Ehud Galili, John Peter Oleson and Baruch Rosen

Eight ancient and heavy sounding leads, seven from off the Israeli coast and one from Tunisian waters are considered in terms of what they tell us of early navigation. The leads were collected from wreck sites and weigh between 14.9 and 20.65 kgs. They date from the second century BC to the sixth century AD. […] Read More

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Sir Jacob Acworth and Experimental Ship Design during the Period of the Establishments

By Peter Hemingway

Acworth’s career quickly progressed, hindered only in its success due to suspension for negligence, after which he was quickly reinstated. Acworth had unprecedented control over ship design as Master Shipwright. His contributions included designing light and simple ‘snug ships’. The ‘new manner’ of shipbuilding based on Newtonian theory was embraced by Acworth with mixed, but […] Read More

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A Place of Considerable Importance: Lord Cochrane and the Siege of Roses 1808

By Justin Reay FSA

Roses was the perfect place for French strategic needs. Less than half a day’s sail from Barcelona and within a day’s fast sail of the main French Mediterranean naval port of Toulon. As Lord Cochrane was to state, ‘the key to Catalonia’ which would only be safe if there was no danger of an assault […] Read More

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A Graffito of a Nineteenth Century Armed Ship from Akko, Israel

By Yaacov Kahanov, Vardit Shotten-Hallel and Deborah Cvikel

This article considers the provenance of a carved stone found in the Hammam, part of a group of historic public buildings that have undergone continual restoration/repairs since construction in Ottoman times. The stone is damaged, though the remaining section of carving shows a sailing ship. The carving is analysed in detail, and the identity of […] Read More

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Note: James Bray, Master Shipwright, Malta, 1806–12

By John Wood

A civilian employee appointed by the Admiralty to Malta, Bray established a successful ropery and designed a dry dock. Read More

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The Royal Naval Hospital at Minorca, 1711: an Example of an Admiral’s Involvement in the Expansion of Naval Medical Care

By Kathleen Harland

In the development of naval hospitals in the early eighteenth century, the initiative of commanders-in-chief was paramount. In Minorca in 1711, Admiral Sir John Jennings headed a campaign to build a permanent hospital in Minorca, a decision that led to clashes with the Admiralty and the Board of Sick and Wounded. His project lends insight […] Read More

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Ship Graffiti from Akko (Acre)

By Yaacov Kahanov and Eliezer Stern

Graffiti of several vessels, dated to the second half of the thirteenth century, were found on a wall of the Hospitaller Compound at Akko (Acre) in the north of Israel. Three of the most complete and clearest depictions are presented in this article. The graffiti represent small warships equipped with one mast and a lateen-rigged […] Read More

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Codex Palatinus Graecus 367: a Thirteenth-century Method of Determining Vessel Burden?

By Matthew Harpster and Nicholas Coureas

Codex number 367 in the Vatican Library consists of 195 folios. Folios 88b to 91a contain the Guild of Notaries for Cyprus’ transcription of a method for measuring vessel burden with standard-sized baskets. This article contains a translation of the relevant folios 88b – 91a, as well as an analysis of the calculation and vocabulary […] Read More

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The British Contribution to Seafarers’ Welfare in Mediterranean and Black Sea Ports Since the 1820s

By Alston Kennerley

The seamen’s mission movement was globalized from the 1820s. In Mediterranean and Black Sea ports welfare was early provided by the Nonconformist BFSS (the British and Foreign Seamen’s Friend Society and Bethel Union), conducting shipboard services on Sundays. From the 1830s to 1860s the society declined, but the Consular Advances Act (1825) gave state support […] Read More

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