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William Scamp and his Early Naval Works in the Mediterranean

By Philip MacDougall

The architect William Scamp (1801–72) was chief assistant to the Director of Admiralty Works 1845–52 then Deputy Director 1852–67. In 1841 he built for the Royal Navy a new steam-powered bakery at Malta, with iron stanchions and ceiling support joists on all three storeys, and completed the church of St Paul. In 1844 he started […] Read More

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Two years off Provence: the Victualling and Health of Nelson’s fleet in the Mediterranean, 1803 to 1805

By Janet Macdonald

The paper discusses the logistical difficulties of providing sufficient provisions to the Toulon squadron, particularly beverages and fresh food, which needed to be replenished frequently. The logistics and challenges of sourcing these from locations such as the Madalena Islands, Naples, Barcelona and Sicily are discussed, together with the work of the agent victualler, Richard Ford, […] Read More

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The Use of Quicklime in Medieval Naval Warfare

By William Sayers

Whether medieval navies used quicklime to incapacitate enemy sailors and to render their decks treacherous has not been satisfactorily answered. Drawing on the accounts of numerous medieval authors, including literary figures, this article proposes that quicklime was seen as a potential weapon. Evidence from actual sailors is admittedly scant, but observers described its use in […] Read More

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‘The First Fleet Victory Since Trafalgar’: the Battle of Cape Matapan and Signals Intelligence, March 1941

By L. Johnman & H. Murphy

A synthesis of the available material on the battle and an evaluation of its strategic significance with particular emphasis on the role played by ‘Ultra’, the British decrypts of Axis signals in the lead up to the battle. Matapan was the first fleet action in which carrier-borne aircraft played a vital and indispensable role in […] Read More

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From Private to Official Hydrography: the Charts and Sailing Directions of Joseph Dessiou (1743–1822) and his Son, Joseph Foss Dessiou (1769–1853)

By Susanna Fisher

Joseph Dessiou of Dartmouth was of a seafaring family engaged in the Newfoundland trade. He undertook hydrographic surveys during his seagoing career as a master and in later life turned to chart compilation for commercial publishers. His son Joseph Foss Dessiou, a master first in the merchant marine and then in the Royal Navy, also […] Read More

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The Origins, Conduct and Outcome of the British Naval Exercises of 1885

By Matthew Allen

The naval exercises of 1885 at Berehaven under the command of Admiral Hornby, Commander in chief Portsmouth, were the epitome of the close relationship between naval training and naval doctrine during the ironclad era. They rehearsed the establishment of an advanced base in hostile waters, an essential component of both an effective close blockade and […] Read More

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‘A Man of Business’: Nelson as Commander in Chief Mediterranean, May 1803 – January 1805

By Colin White

The Nelson letters published in 2005 include over 500 dating from 1803-5 that demonstrate his attention to detail as well as to strategy.  Maintaining his lines of communication; encouraging his officers; prescribing operational tactics; protecting commerce; securing provisions and naval stores; organising reconnaissance and nurturing diplomatic relations: all received Nelson’s attention, together with the previously […] Read More

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Nelson and the Eastern Mediterranean 1803-5

By Jane Knight

In 1803 control of the Adriatic was disputed; French troops occupied Italy; their privateers threatened commerce with the Levant; and Nelson was under orders to maintain good relations with Russia and Turkey.  With overland communications blocked, and the Government anxious for intelligence, Nelson’s effective and cordial communications with the British ambassador in Constantinople and consuls […] Read More

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From Hawke to Nelson: Strategical and Tactical Comparisons

By Dr Ruddock Mackay

The achievements of Admiral Edward Hawke (1705 – 1781) are compared with those of Nelson. While Nelson had little success in finding enemy fleets away from port, Hawke, in contrast, made several decisive victories by intercepting French fleets on the high seas. In the tactics of battle, Nelson followed, and built on, the example set […] Read More

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Keppel At Algiers: Diplomacy and the Limitations of Naval Power

By David Syrett

The seizure, in March 1749, of a British Post Office packet, the Prince Fredrick, sparked a confrontation which twenty six year old Hon. Augustus Keppel, Commodore of the Royal Navyís Mediterranean was charged to resolve through diplomacy. In the event neither the ship nor its cargo of bullion and diamonds were restored to the British […] Read More

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