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Note: Gangways

By Geoffrey Callendar

Callender refers to a Dutch publication which depicts a ship being careened and from the painting he was able to identify the layout of the decks, which included gangways and a spar deck. Royal Navy vessels of the time (1719) did not feature the same layout, although gangways and spar decks did appear later when […] Read More

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The Coast Signal Stations and the Semaphore Telegraph

By Captain R. Hudleston, R.N.

Notes taken from the Public Record Office on the dates and details of construction of the Semaphore Telegraph stations erected during the Napoleonic wars, the routes served and the number of stations built. Notes taken on the establishment and manning of Coast Signal Stations in England and Ireland and the flag signalling system used. References […] Read More

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Dutch Gable Stones

By R Morton Nance

In the early 17 Century the citizens of Holland used the outer front gable stones of their homes to establish their place in society.  This was especially so with seafarers and notably owners of merchant shipping.  The decorations used were their Coats of Arms,  dates,  but more importantly carvings of their ships. These carvings indicate […] Read More

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Note: W Van de Velde

By H S Vaughan

Vaughan expands on the article in MM Volume 1, Issue 1 concerning the work undertaken by the Van der Veldes on Charles II behalf and introduces a new twist. He points out that one Van der Velde was present when the Dutch ‘cut-out’ the Royal Charles and produced a painting of the event. The painting […] Read More

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Note: The Origin of the Schooner Rig

By L G Carr Laughton

Tradition has it that the schooner came into existence in 1713, with the launch of such a vessel by Andrew Robinson of Gloucester, Massachusetts. However, Carr Laughton argues that vessels with similar rig were known before that date, with paintings by the Van de Veldes supporting his claim. In his view the 1713 date relates […] Read More

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