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Book Review-‘The Battle of Tsushima’ by P. Carradice,

By Andrew Choong Han Lin

This book aims to offer a fresh perspective on the famous naval battle which took place between the Imperial Japanese Navy and the Imperial Russian Navy in May 1905. However, for various reasons the book falls short of this goal and unfortunately adds little, if anything, to the existing body of published literature on the […] Read More

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Book Review-‘Port Towns and Urban Cultures: International histories of the waterfront, c. 1700–2000’ ed. by B. Beaven, K. Bell and R. James

By Charlotte Mathieson

Situated on the borders of sea and land, ports occupy a unique position: a point of arrival and departure, import and export, liminality, and transition. Movement is integral to the life of ports, with incoming and outgoing flows – of people, things, water – creating a space that is constantly in flux. This flux resonates […] Read More

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Book Review-‘R.H.N.S. ‘Averof’: Thunder in the Aegean’ by J. Carr

By Richard Dunley

It is fair to say that early twentieth century Greek naval history is a rather niche field, in the Anglophone historiography at least. Attention has naturally focused on the major navies of Britain, Germany and to a lesser extent the United States. Even those historians who have ventured further afield to consider developments in the […] Read More

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Book Review-‘London’s Sailortown 1600–1800: A social history of Shadwell and Ratcliff, an early modern London riverside suburb’ by D. Morris and K. Cozens

By Brad Beaven

Sailortowns were the districts of merchant and naval ports where sailors visited, often lived and were entertained. It was a distinct area characterized by its public houses, brothels and low entertainment that employed significant numbers of working people. However, sailor-towns the world over have been a much neglected area of analysis by maritime and urban […] Read More

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The Making of Mr George Thomas RN, Admiralty Surveyor for Home Waters from 1810

By David Walker & Adrian Webb

George Thomas, the first naval hydrographic surveyor continuously employed in the nineteenth century, was highly regarded by the three Admiralty hydrographers under whom he served until 1846. An earlier account of his humble origins and youthful adventures, based on the recollections of his clerk, is supported only in part by contemporary records. This recent investigation […] Read More

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The Colour Schemes of British Warship Figureheads 1727–1900

By David Pulvertaft

Between the mid-eighteenth century and 1900 almost all the figureheads on British warships were carved in the likeness of an individual man, woman, beast or bird, each of which was intended to represented the name of the ship. Of those that have survived, the vast majority are painted in full colour, suggesting that this was […] Read More

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A Model of the Royal Yacht Henrietta about 1679: Description and identification

By Effie Moneypenny & Simon Stephens

This paper presents a model of a royal yacht in the Portland Collection whose existence has, despite having been included in a published nineteenth-century catalogue, remained unrecognized for over 300 years. It is the first Navy Board style yacht model to come into the public domain for nearly a century. It is the first yacht […] Read More

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State Formation and the Private Economy: Dutch prisoners of war in England, 1652–1674

By Gijs Rommelse & Roger Downing

The sea battles of the Anglo-Dutch Wars of the mid-seventeenth century generated large numbers of prisoners of war. Their incarceration and subsequent repatriation were the responsibility of a succession of appointed bodies, under Cromwell and subsequently under Charles II. Captives were incarcerated in prisons throughout southern England. Once these were full it became necessary to […] Read More

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Seadogs and their Parrots: The reality of ‘Pretty Polly’

By Megan C. Hagseth

The relationship between sailors and tropical birds is often ignored because of its association with swashbuckling pirates and their winged sidekicks. Links to pirates in popular culture such as Treasure Island’s Long John Silver and Captain Flint have led to many misconceptions about the social functions of avian pets in the seafaring community. The transportation […] Read More

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Obituary: Ray Ernest Sutcliffe (1940-2018)

By Hugh Murphy

The wide and varied interests of a pioneer of the filming of maritime archaeology. Read More

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