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Captain Nathaniel Boteler

By L.G.Carr Laughton

The ‘Six Dialogues’ have so high a reputation that Carr Laughton thought it worth putting together a brief biography of their author. Read More

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Of Decks and their Definitions Part I

By Alan Moore

This article concentrates on the nomenclature of wooden men-of-war, and begins with a list of the decks of HMS Victory, explaining why, to the uninitiated, the expressions are sometimes anomalous.   Moore gives definitions from a series of eighteenth and nineteenth century Nautical Dictionaries, from as early as Blankley’s Naval Expositor of 1750, for the use […] Read More

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Note: Reef and Reef Point

By H H Brindley

Brindley shares his acquired knowledge of the two terms and the references from which he drew his conclusions. He completes the Note by seeking further details and evidence from fellow members to support, or challenge, his findings. Read More

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The Boatswain’s Call: as it was and as it should still be, used in HM Navy

By A Lieutenant, RN

This graphically illustrated article explains the importance of the whistle, which was used to pass orders around a ship without shouting. The purpose of each call, the ways in which the call is made, and the different effects achieved are all explained. Read More

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Eminent Marine Artists Part I The two van de Veldes

By Harry Parker

Pictorial representation of nautical life has long fascinated those interested in the sea. The artistic family of van der Veldes is best known for William, born 1610 in Leyden, and his son of the same name. Having made his name by representing naval scenes for the Dutch States, William and his son were invited to […] Read More

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