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Flags of National Life-Boat Societies

By H.G. Carr

Between the establishment of the British Life-Boat Service in 1824 and the publication of this paper in 1939, national life-boat services were established in seventeen other countries: Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Holland, Iceland, Japan, Latvia, Norway, Portugal, Rumania, Russia, Spain, Russia, Turkey and the USA (together with two services in Sweden). Full names and […] Read More

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Chinese Junks: Part II The Pechili Trader

By D.W. Waters R.N.

  There are two distinct types of Northern Chinese junks, the Pechili Trader and the Antung Trader. The Pechili is probably the oldest ocean-going Chinese trading junk, having voyaged as far as the Red Sea and East African ports but is rapidly disappearing. They are generally large craft, typically around 135ft. long, with two distinguishing […] Read More

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Umiak: The European Ancestry of the “Women’s Boat”

By T.C. Lethbridge

The largest skin boat in the world to-day is the Umiak or “Women’s Boat” of Greenland and Arctic America. It is known from the celebrated drawing in the Pepysian library that the “Wild Irish” as late as the seventeenth century were in the habit of building and sailing very large skin boats, probably much larger […] Read More

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Chinese Junks: Part I The Antung Trader

By D.W. Waters RN

The Antung Trader is a northern type of junk, and its purpose and dimensions are here described with illustrations. Read More

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More Light on Bligh and the Bounty

By D. Bonner Smith

This article charts recent research on the controversial figure at the heart of the infamous British mutiny. More primary materials are available which rubbish older narratives relying upon “a mass of ill-informed comment”. Contemporary pamphlets also indicate Bligh’s attempts to recount his defence before the Admiralty and the ongoing battle for memory. A long extract […] Read More

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Some Remarks about the Mutiny of the “Bounty”

By D. Bonner Smith

The article questions the accuracy of a number of written accounts and film presentations of the voyage and mutiny and of Bligh’s character. Many contain much uncritical borrowing from elsewhere. Evidence from Bligh’s earlier and later career, reception on return to England, promotion to post Captain and appointment to command a second expedition is assessed. […] Read More

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H.M. Armed Vessel “Bounty”

By C. Knight

The purpose of the article is to describe the vessel and project, from the time the Society for West India Merchants first had the idea of bringing breadfruit to the West Indies to the time of the mutiny. It covers the initial letters, specification and purchase, survey, proposed guns and complement, Admiralty modifications, proposals for […] Read More

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The Portraiture of Bligh

By Geoffrey Callender

Discussion on the relationship, if any, between physiognomy and character. Consideration of the three remaining reliable portraits of William Bligh, the painters and the engravers and mention of other pictures in which he appears or which may be based on one of the three considered reliable. Discussion on whether the evidence of the portraits supports […] Read More

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Bligh’s Log

By Owen Rutter

Considers Bligh’s log and journal the only truly contemporary, full and reliable account of his first voyage to Tahiti and the boat journey, submitted as an official report to the Admiralty. Log shows his care for men and ship, tact and kindness in dealing with natives, problems with inefficient officers and gives reasons for his […] Read More

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Constructional Parallels In Scandinavian and Oceanic Boat Construction

By James Hornell

An examination of the similarities (parallels) in early boats built, both in antiquity and modern times, on opposite sides of the world.    The widespread use of the sewn plank and lashed rib construction system is considered along with the vexed question of “independent invention” or “cultural diffusion”.    A rather long bow is drawn regarding diffusion […] Read More

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