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Sir Nathaniel Dance’s Battle off Pulo Auro

By Col. R. St J. Gillespie

An account of the battle between French naval forces and a homeward-bound HEIC convoy off what is now Pulau Aru in the eastern approaches to Singapore Strait which took place on 15 February 1804.  Nathaniel Dance was senior captain in Lord Camden and as commodore of the convoy conducted a skilful defence, driving off the […] Read More

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Log of the Schooner Ada on a Fishing Cruise in the North Pacific, 1882

By James Hornell

In 1882 George Mansbridge and his friends chartered a British fore and aft rigged schooner of 40-50 tons for a six month fishing cruise in the North Pacific during her off season from sea otter hunting. The narrative log here set out was given by Mansbridge to his friend Capt. Cribb, Master of a Japanese […] Read More

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Subjects include: Manpower & Life at Sea | Whaling & Fishing

H.M. Bark Endeavour

By C. Knight

Cook’s first voyage to the South Seas to observe the transit of Venus in 1768 was undertaken in the Whitby-built bark, Endeavour. This article traces the correspondence between the Admiralty and the Navy Board in search of an appropriate vessel. Once the Earl of Pembroke had been purchased and renamed Endeavour, the correspondence of the […] Read More

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South American Balsas: The Problem of their Origin

By James Hornell

The article describes a ‘balsa’ wood “tied upon the outer side of each gunwale” of dug-out canoes. When and where were they first used; the first double outriggers? 19th-century European accounts exist of logs used in this way, along with the early modern experience of Spanish imperial explorers across the Pacific and from Central to […] Read More

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Subjects include: Shipbuilding & Design

The Prins Hendrik Der Nederlanden

By R.F. Scheltema de Heere

The Prins Hendrik der Nederlanden was launched in 1866 at Laird’s in Birkenhead for the Royal Dutch Navy and named after Prince Henry, the brother of the reigning king, William III. She was twin screw sail-assisted turret ship of the Coles type with a maximum displacement of about 3,375 metric tonnes primarily intended for service […] Read More

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The Sailing Balsa of Lake Titicaca and other Reed-Bundle Craft

By H. H. Brindley

  Reed-bundle craft are found in all continents and for the most part are associated with inland waters and with lakes and marshes. Through a description of over thirty types of such craft, and with particular reference to the balsa of Lake Titicaca and the many different canoes of Ancient Egypt and the White Nile, […] Read More

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Subjects include: Leisure & Small Craft

British Columbia Indian Dug-Out Canoes

By F.V. Longstaff

  The cedar dug-out canoes of the north-west coast are works of art, both as regards lines and decoration, riding very dry in a heavy sea even with only 2 or 3 inches of freeboard. There are two main types, which can be roughly divided into: a northern one with both the bow and stern […] Read More

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More Light on Drake 1577-80

By E.G.R. Taylor

There were previously several gaps in the understanding of Drake’s famous voyage around the world in the Penguin from 1577-80. These included the identity of the promoters of the voyage, its original purpose and the conduct and integrity of John Winter, who sailed, with Drake, in the Elizabeth. In fact the promoters were the members […] Read More

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Thomas Eldred: Merchant

By A. D. Harrison

Thomas Eldred was an elderly tallow chandler from Ipswich with an interest in navigation who accompanied Sir Thomas Cavendish in his two year circumnavigation of the world out of Plymouth from July I586 to September I588 in Drakes’ footsteps via the Straits of Magellan and the South Seas as recounted in Hakluyt’s Voyages. Read More

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Some Unpublished Accounts of Cook’s Death

By Rupert T. Gould

The principal facts of Cook’s death are well known and several accounts have been published. However considerable unpublished material exists in logs and journals of other members of the expedition. Extended extracts from several of these are quoted: eye witness accounts from the journals of Charles Clerke commander of the Discovery, who took command of […] Read More

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