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Book Review – ‘Dutch Sources on South Asia c. 1660–1825, vol. 4, Mission to Madurai: Dutch embassies to the Nayaka court of Madurai in the seventeenth century’ by Markus Vink

By Anjana Singh

The volume reviewed is part of a series on Dutch sources on South Asia which originally began in 2001 as a bibliography and guide to all Dutchlanguage materials on the subject that are available in the National Archives at The Hague. The series editors and contributors hold the noble aim of making it possible for […] Read More

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Book Review – ‘Captain Cook: Master of the seas’ by Frank McLynn

By John Mack

It may reasonably be thought that J. C. Beaglehole’s publications have long since had the final word on Captain Cook and his pioneering maritime exploits in the second half of the eighteenth century for all that the publishing industry’s appetite for retelling the heroic tales in more popular forms retains its position in a crowded […] Read More

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A One-way Street? Admiral James Somerville and Anglo-American Naval Relations, 1942

By Corbin Williamson

Admiral Sir James Somerville’s command of the Eastern Fleet in 1942 caused serious tensions in Anglo-American naval relations despite the admiral’s personal efforts to cultivate closer ties with the US Navy. Specifically, US Navy admirals such as Ernest King felt that while the US Navy had helped the Royal Navy in its hour of need, […] Read More

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Notes: Corrigenda

By Pieter van der Merwe

I have to correct, with apology, three accidental slips in the notes on T. D. Ledward’s Bounty letters that appeared in the November 2018 issue1. The first (n22) is that Albemarle Bertie’s final rank was full admiral and baronet, not knighted vice-admiral. The second (n54) is that neither Bligh’s bible nor prayerbook are in the National Maritime […] Read More

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Notes: Captain Bligh’s Glasses

By Pieter van der Merwe

In 1939, on the death of Lieutenant Commander George Frederick Glennie, the National Maritime Museum (NMM) received from his widow a fine, oval, silver-mounted Georgian reading glass, which folds into protective tortoiseshell covers (REL0026, figure 1). It measures 76 x 52 x 20 millimetres and the lens hinges out sideways from one of the mounts on […] Read More

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Early Sixteenth-century Shipbuilding in Mexico: Dimensions and tonnages of the vessels designed for Pacific Ocean navigation

By Jose L. Casabán & Roberto Junco

Shortly after the conquest of Mexico, Cortes ordered the construction of a shipyard in Tehuantepec (Oaxaca), on the Pacific coast, known as El Carbón. This article examines a document dated to 1535 which provides the principal dimensions, tonnages, and construction characteristics of three navíos (ships) designed and built in this shipyard for Pacific Ocean navigation. The ships’ […] Read More

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Note: Echoes of a Distant War

By Colin Jones

An exploration of the naval history of Sydney and New South Wales during the Napoleonic Wars from 1797 to 1814, touching on proposed conscription of convicts to fight in South American possessions, Matthew Flinders’ meeting with Nicolas Baudin, shipbuilding and traffic through Sydney Naval Yard, the operation of press gangs,  privateering and whaling. Read More

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Goldsmiths and Grocers: Further examination of investors in the privateering voyage of Woodes Rogers, 1708–1711

By Ian Abbey

Recent histories have focused on the investors who outfited and funded the cruising voyage of Woodes Rogers to the Pacific from 1708 to 1711. However, relatively little has been published on the roles these investors played within Bristol society outside of the major contributors. This article identifies the social and business activities of all of […] Read More

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Note: American Whalers in Britain

By Kenneth Cousins and Derek B. Morris

A new understanding of the social and economic groups involved in the Pacific whaling industry has been developed, and this article brings to the attention of interested researchers the wide range of  websites now available. Read More

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S. O. Makarov’s Diary from His Visit to Russian America in 1864

By Andrei V. Grinëv & Richard L. Bland

A translation of documents by S.O. Makarov deals with Makarov’s visit to Russian America in 1864 has not previously been available to specialists on Russian America. Read More

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