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Book Review- ‘The European Seaborne Empires: From the Thirty Year’s War to the Age of Revolutions’ by G. Pacquett

By Lambert, Andrew

While the title is a deliberate homage to well- known works by Charles Boxer and John Parry on the Dutch, Portuguese and Spanish seaborne empires from the late 1960s, Gabriel Pacquette has reworked the concept to address concerns that have emerged over the past 50 years, not least slavery, forced migration, the role of the […] Read More

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Book Review – ‘High Seas Buffer: The Taiwan Patrol Force, 1950–1979’ by Bruce A. Elleman

By James Goldrick

This study casts light on a significant and long standing naval commitment by the United States to ensure the survival of Taiwan as a political entity separate from mainland China. The presence and occasional interventions of USN units, as well as the training that they provided to the Nationalist Chinese Navy – and the reassurance […] Read More

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Book Review – ‘Vickers’ Master Shipbuilder Sir Leonard Redshaw’ by Leslie M. Shaw

By David Andrews

This is a very handsomely produced and comprehensive biography of one of the great and last British shipbuilders, Sir (Len) Leonard Redshaw. A truly outstanding Barrovian, he was devoted to his industry and the Barrow Shipbuilding Works in particular. His life at Barrow encompassed the pre-war build up, the postwar success of Barrow shipbuilding, (where […] Read More

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Book Review – ‘SS United States’ by Andrew Britton

By Michael Harrison

This slim volume, part of the paperback ‘Classic Liners’ series offered by the History Press, presents a brief illustrated history of the 1952 American passenger liner United States. It begins with the author’s personal story of family connections to British passenger shipping and a childhood spent in Southampton. A perfunctory introduction then sketches the history of […] Read More

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Book Review – ‘The Churchill Scheme: The Royal Navy Special Entry Cadet Scheme, 1913–1955’ by John S. Beattie

By Alston Kennerley

It has long been recognized that entry into the adult world of work demands some form of preparation and introduction relating to the industry or occupation under consideration, and perhaps specific to a projected status. Preparation might range from a tour of premises followed by on-the-job training understudying someone having the right experience, to structured […] Read More

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Book Review – ‘Joe Rochefort’s War: The odyssey of the codebreaker who outwitted Yamamoto at Midway’ by Elliot Carlson

By Eric Grove

The large number of people who have seen the feature film ‘Battle of Midway’ will no doubt remember the rather eccentric US Naval intelligence chief at Hawaii, Joe Rochefort. Clearly an eccentric, but having the trust of the US naval command, he was able to say where the Japanese attack would fall. This laid the […] Read More

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Book Review – ‘Strategy and War Planning in the British Navy, 1887–1918’ by Shawn T. Grimes

By Jerker Widen

The decades preceding the First World War may be considered a golden age of naval strategic thinking. During this time, the American Alfred Thayer Mahan produced his widely acclaimed The Influence of Sea Power upon History 1660–1783 (1890), which brought sea power to the centre stage in political circles all around the Western world. In Britain, the […] Read More

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Book Review – ‘A Dog Before A Soldier: Almost-lost episodes in the US Navy’s Civil War’ by Chuck Veit

By Howard Fuller

Although the tales here are old, there are several elements to this curious, enjoyable little work that are actually quite new. For one, it is selfpublished (through – a website.) The author is also a Civil War re-enactor—but proudly the founder of the US Naval Landing Party, ‘one of the few living history groups […] Read More

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Book Review – ‘To Auckland by the Ganges: The journal of a sea voyage to New Zealand in 1863’ by Robert M. Grogans

By Steve Mullins

Migration is an epic theme in the history of the British Empire, and has left in its considerable wake an extensive literature exploring the experiences of migrants to the Australasian colonies. The best books, among them Don Charwood’s wide-angled The Long Farewell (1981), Helen Woolcock’s Rights of Passage (1986), Jan Gothard’s Blue China (2001) and Robin Haines’s Life and Death in the […] Read More

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Book Review – ‘The Crimean War: British Grand Strategy against Russia, 1853–56, 2nd edn’ by Andrew Lambert

By Candan Badem

Professor Lambert’s book on British strategy in the Crimean War, since its first edition in 1990, has been a most welcome contribution to the literature on the subject. While the literature is really huge, the book is very distinct from the rest by its theoretical approach and geographical focus. The new edition comes with a […] Read More

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