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Note: Artemon

By W B Whall

Whall highlights an error of translation of ‘artemon’ between the Authorised and Revised versions of the New Testament. The first claims “main-sail”, the other “foresail”. Read More

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Ships Earlier than 1500 A.D.

By L. Arenhold

A survey based on the material available in old drawings from chronicles, books, seals, coins, the Bayeux tapestry and two surviving boats from the first millennium each of them having been dug out of a moor; one in a museum at Kiel dating from the 4th Century and the other, the Viking boat at Christiania. […] Read More

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A Ship of Carthage

By Alan Moore

The author was given a cast of a stone from a step of the Quay of Utica near Carthage on which was the outline of a ship. An inscription with the stone suggested that it was a representation of a ship of the time of St Paul, a claim the author discusses in this article […] Read More

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