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Review:- ‘The Social History of English Seamen, 1650–1815’ by C. A. Fury (ed.)

By Richard J. Blakemore

This book is the second of two volumes on the social history of English seamen edited by Cheryl Fury; the first, published in 2012, covered the preceding period 1485–1650. As Fury explains in her introduction to this second volume, the two books together aim to show how scholars are ‘charting a reliable course into the […] Read More

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Disobedient Officers in the Royal Navy, about 1680–1720

By Patrick Schmidt

Studies on indiscipline and unrest aboard ship during the Age of Sail so far have mostly focused on the norm-violating behaviours of common seamen. This article, by contrast, investigates acts of insubordination committed by warrant and commissioned officers in the Royal Navy, using courts martial records as sources. It traces the contours of that historical […] Read More

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New Light on the Survivors of the Vergulde Draak, a VOC Ship Wrecked on the Australian Coast (1656)

By Leigh T. I. Penman

This article introduces a document from the Amsterdam City Archive which sheds new light on the fate of the Vergulde Draak, or Gilt Dragon, a United Dutch East India Company (VOC) ship wrecked off Australia’s west coast in 1656. The document identifies one of the survivors of the wreck who made it on to the […] Read More

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Book Review-‘Historic Ship Models of the Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries in the Kriegstein Collection’ by A. and H. Kriegstein

By Michael Leek

In 2007 SeaWatchBooks, from Oregon, USA, published 17th and 18th Century Ship Models – from the Kriegstein Collection, by the brothers Arnold and Henry Kriegstein. A second revised and expanded edition was published in 2010. These books were effectively a detailed catalogue of a unique and very important private North American collection of models, primarily […] Read More

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Where is the Ship Which From the Ceiling Hung?’ Ghost Ships: The ship models missing from Scotland’s churches

By Meredith Greiling

A recent survey of the surviving ship models in Scottish churches has identified an interesting chronological gap, an absence which has created the impression that ship models in Scotland’s churches are a nineteenth-century phenomenon. Existing older models from the seventeenth century have been dismissed as anomalies harking back to pre-Reformation votive offerings washed away in […] Read More

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Book Review-‘Britain and the Ocean Road: Shipwrecks and people, 1297–1825’ by I. Friel, Pen

By Jack Pink

Britain’s maritime history is often studied by looking at events on the large scale. Friel’s book does something different. This book tells the individual stories of eight different ships, through which we can get a snapshot of events spanning just over 500 years. This is the first of two volumes employing this approach, with the […] Read More

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Subjects include: Archaeology | Manpower & Life at Sea

Book Review-‘The Company Fortress: Military engineering and the Dutch East India Company in South Asia, 1638–1795, by E. Odegard

By Andrew Lambert

Dutch rule in Asia in the era of the Dutch East India Company (VoC) was sustained by fortified ports and strategic locations, supported with small armies moved by sea to enhance the defences. The failure of any one element in this strategy would bring down the rest. The VoC was a major economic and political […] Read More

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Book Review-‘The Eighty Years War: From revolt to regular war, 1568–1648’ by P. Groen (lead ed.), O. van Nimwegen, R. Prud’homme van Reine, L. Sicking and A. van Vliet

By Andrew Lambert

This outstanding contribution integrates scholarship across many fields to address an obvious question: how did the Dutch rebels create the most dynamic state in western Europe while waging a war of independence against the Spanish empire, the military colossus of the age, and what role did war play in that process? It launches a six-volume […] Read More

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A Restoration Yacht’s Design Secrets Unveiled: An examination of a ship model with reference to the works of William Sutherland

By Effie Moneypenny & Effie Moneypenny

The design methods for many vessels during the Restoration period (1660–88) are only partially understood. Charles II’s 23 yachts represent the pinnacle of design and construction for small, fast vessels of this era but there are no extant design treatises or draughts relating to any of them. The only primary archaeological data comes from contemporary […] Read More

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Subjects include: Historic Vessels, Museums & Restoration | Ship Models & Figureheads

Book Review-‘ Sovereign of the Seas 1637: A reconstruction of the most powerful warship of its day’ by J. McKay

By Andrew Lambert

This elegant book anatomizes a famous ship, combining original scholarship and expert draughting to provide unprecedented access to the structure, art and power of a Stuart icon that established a new standard type. King Charles I ordered the Sovereign of the Seas in 1634 to transcend existing prestige warships, including those of his uncle, King […] Read More

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Subjects include: Historic Vessels, Museums & Restoration | Shipbuilding & Design

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