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Book Review-‘The Eighty Years War: From revolt to regular war, 1568–1648’ by P. Groen (lead ed.), O. van Nimwegen, R. Prud’homme van Reine, L. Sicking and A. van Vliet

By Andrew Lambert

This outstanding contribution integrates scholarship across many fields to address an obvious question: how did the Dutch rebels create the most dynamic state in western Europe while waging a war of independence against the Spanish empire, the military colossus of the age, and what role did war play in that process? It launches a six-volume […] Read More

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Dutch Naval Decline and British Sea-power Identity in the Eighteenth Century

By Gijs Rommelse

During the eighteenth century, various British authors analysed the decline of Dutch naval power. Anticipating the politico-cultural frame of reference of the British political nation, they invoked the memory of the seventeenth-century Anglo-Dutch wars to dramatize the failure of Dutch sea power. They disagreed about the causes of this development, but seemed unanimous in their […] Read More

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‘Breaching Neutrality’: English prize-taking and Swedish neutrality in the First Anglo-Dutch War, 1651–1654

By Steve Murdoch

This article considers the impact of English seizure of neutral Swedish vessels during the First Anglo-Dutch War, 1651–4. These actions were undertaken at a time when no bilateral diplomatic treaty existed between the two nations and thus the legal basis for such prize-taking was hotly disputed on both sides. Through an examination of extant sources […] Read More

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State Formation and the Private Economy: Dutch prisoners of war in England, 1652–1674

By Gijs Rommelse & Roger Downing

The sea battles of the Anglo-Dutch Wars of the mid-seventeenth century generated large numbers of prisoners of war. Their incarceration and subsequent repatriation were the responsibility of a succession of appointed bodies, under Cromwell and subsequently under Charles II. Captives were incarcerated in prisons throughout southern England. Once these were full it became necessary to […] Read More

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Note: “English Iliads”

By C Cunninghame Graham

The author quotes a different version of the Iliad, recorded in MM Volume 1, Issue 12, but can offer no explanation of the variation. Read More

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Loose and Unknown Persons: Listing Seamen in the Late Seventeenth Century

By Margaret Robinson

The confusion evident in the placing of responsibility and over the nature of the listing required makes it necessary to check the reliability of the lists. The masters listed in 1690 can be checked against the Exchequer Port Books and the 1689 lists of ships taken up as troop transports, though unfortunately no such check […] Read More

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The Ashmolean Ship Model

By Alistair Roach

The Ashmolean Museum houses the oldest English ship model in existence, although its provenance and raison d’être has never been fully established. Details of the model, and restoration work carried out, are given as well as opinions on its provenance. Photographs are also provided showing the condition before and after restoration. The paper seeks to […] Read More

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Soldiers at Sea and the Inter-service Relations during the First Dutch War

By Dr. Eric Gruber von Arni, RRC,RGN, Phd.

The article takes an in-depth look at the role of the soldiers-at-sea on both sides of the conflict during the First Dutch War 1652-1654. This crucial step in the evolution of the ‘fighting sailor’ in the Royal Navy has long been neglected. The author delves into the reasons why such a transition for both the […] Read More

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Seventeenth-Century Ships’ Timbers and Docks on the Thames Waterfront at Bellamy’s Wharf, Rotherhithe, London SE 16

By David Saxby AIFA and Damian Goodburn BA, AIFA

In early 1995 an archaeological dig was undertaken at Bellamy’s Wharf, Southwark, London prior to building work. The area was known to have hosted a number of shipbuilding activities during the Dutch and Nine Years’ Wars of the later seventeenth-century. The Gould’s Dockyard artefacts contained a number of large worked timbers, including stem and rudder […] Read More

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Hired Men-of-War, 1664-7 Part I

By Frank Fox

This is part of Fox’s paper on the hiring of merchantmen by the Royal Navy during the Second Anglo-Dutch War. Three extensive listings give details of the 43 vessels hired during the war and include, for example, the period and place of hire, ships’ age, the captain(s), number of crew, the ordnance carried and any […] Read More

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