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Bristol Shipping and Royalist Naval Power during the English Civil War

By John Lynch

Considers Royalist imports of arms in early 1640s and difficulty of supplying the south; sympathy for Royalist cause among Bristol merchants and seafarers; significant additions to Royalist fleet on capture of Bristol; operations carried out by ships of this fleet. Discusses differences in construction and armament between merchant vessels and warships; good seaworthiness of small […] Read More

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Parliamentary Naval Politics 1641-49

By M.L. Baumber

The radicals marked their triumph in the Navy by reviving the mixed Navy Commission of 1642, showing very clearly that it was a device to ensure close parliamentary control over the Navy. Yet for a second time its effective authority lasted no more than a year, before renewed allegations of corruption against the merchants provoked […] Read More

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Prelude to Power: the Crisis of 1649 and the Foundation of English Naval Power

By James S. Wheeler

Examines the transformation of England’s naval administrative and fiscal system from 1649 to 1651 and the impact of this transformation on the operational success of the navy during the English Commonwealth’s greatest crisis when Prince Rupert attempted to use Ireland as a springboard for the reconquest of England. Because the English state made the fiscal, […] Read More

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‘A Business of Much Difficulty’: a London Slaving Venture 1651-1654

By John C. Appleby

The English slave trade from the coast of West Africa developed slowly in the first half of the seventeenth century.  The trade was formally a monopoly of the Guinea Company, but private consortia of merchants also participated. As these traders were operating in violation of the monopoly, very little is known about the scale of […] Read More

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Seizing the Fleet in 1642: Parliament, The Navy and The Printing Press

By Stephen J. Greenberg

From the outbreak of the Civil War in 1642 until his execution in1649 Charles 1 lost control of his navy and saw it ranged against him. At no time during the war could Charles count upon a strategic or tactical naval presence,  which resulted in the Royalist war effort being severely constrained. Parliament controlled London […] Read More

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Warships’ Names of the English Republic, 1649-1659

By Michael Seymour

The article describes the decade after the execution of Charles 1, and the improvements made to the administration and ability of the Navy. The political significance of the Navy is illustrated through the choice of names given to new ships, and the names chosen to replace some of the existing names that had links to […] Read More

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Irish Privateers during the Civil War, 1642-50

By Jane H. Ohlmeyer

One of Spain’s treasure shipments was intercepted by an Irish privateer, one of many off the waters of Britain. Letters of marque issued by the Spanish authority in Flanders allowed privateers to hinder at sea all enemies to the ‘Catholic cause’.   The article details the use made of Ireland as a base for privateering, with […] Read More

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The Navy and the Civil War in Ireland 1643-46

By M.L. Baumber

This provides a detailed chronological account of how the Royalists and Parliament used their individual navies during the English Civil War to respectively facilitate or thwart Royalist attempts to use the army in Ireland to assist their cause in England. It describes key actors their objectives, constraints, alliances and results. It details the ships and […] Read More

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Sir George Ayscue, Commonwealth and Restoration Admiral

By Peter Le Fevre

Biography of the career of Sir George Ayscue (c.1615 – 1672). Provides an account of his service on the Parliamentarian side during the English Civil War, including his role at the siege of Pendennis Castle, actions around the Scilly Islands in the Irish Sea, and service in the Caribbean as Governor of Barbados. Also covers […] Read More

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John Syms, Puritan Naval Chaplain

By Amos C. Miller

As the chaplain of the man-of-war Providence, Syms, who had suffered persecution for his beliefs, kept a journal of his time on board in 1644. In addition to recording the activities of the ship in support of the parliamentarian cause in the West of England, he also caused a near mutiny by his disagreements with […] Read More

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