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The Navy and the Civil War in Ireland 1643-46

By M.L. Baumber

This provides a detailed chronological account of how the Royalists and Parliament used their individual navies during the English Civil War to respectively facilitate or thwart Royalist attempts to use the army in Ireland to assist their cause in England. It describes key actors their objectives, constraints, alliances and results. It details the ships and […] Read More

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Sir George Ayscue, Commonwealth and Restoration Admiral

By Peter Le Fevre

Biography of the career of Sir George Ayscue (c.1615 – 1672). Provides an account of his service on the Parliamentarian side during the English Civil War, including his role at the siege of Pendennis Castle, actions around the Scilly Islands in the Irish Sea, and service in the Caribbean as Governor of Barbados. Also covers […] Read More

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John Syms, Puritan Naval Chaplain

By Amos C. Miller

As the chaplain of the man-of-war Providence, Syms, who had suffered persecution for his beliefs, kept a journal of his time on board in 1644. In addition to recording the activities of the ship in support of the parliamentarian cause in the West of England, he also caused a near mutiny by his disagreements with […] Read More

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Sir George Ayscue’s Capture of Barbados in 1651

By J.R. Powell

Account of how a Parliamentary naval squadron under the command of Sir George Ayscue besieged and finally captured the island of Barbados, which was under the command of the Royalist Governor, Lord Willoughby of Parham. Ayscue’s actions were carried out in a very diplomatic manner and there was no victimisation. Read More

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Navy and the Civil War in Ireland 1641-43

By M.L. Baumber

A history of the ships used to supply the garrisons in Ireland after the rebellion of 1641. Description of relations between King and parliament and leaders of both sides in Ireland. Strategy affected by loss of ports in West of England. Read More

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An East India Captain: the Early Career of Captain Richard Swanley

By M.C. Baumber

Biography of Richard Swanley an East India Company Captain, who wrote the detailed ship’s journal for the Jonas when it sailed under Captain Weddell in 1621. As Master of the James, Swanley participated in various actions, in 1625, against the Portuguese in the Persian Gulf under Botelho. Swanley commanded the East India fleet that sailed in […] Read More

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The Siege of the Downs Castles in 1648

By Rev. J.R. Powell

The author gives his sources and elucidates the very volatile situation which made it imperative for Parliament to capture the castles which dominated the Downs, the anchorage inside the Goodwin Sands.  Colonel Rich first besieged and captured Walmer Castle, despite intermittent attempts to succour it from the sea.  He then took Deal Castle, even resisting […] Read More

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The Establishment and Settlement of Parliament’s Admiralty, 1642-1648

By D. E. Kennedy

This article considers the difficulties and delays that were experienced in Parliament’s attempts to establish a form of government for the navy to consolidate control of the fleet in the hands of commoners. It also considers the problems experienced in Parliament with establishing and appointing judges to the Admiralty Court in the face of claims […] Read More

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The King’s Pinnace, The Swan 1642-1645

By A. Eames

On 8 July 1641 a warrant to the Lord High Admiral stated: ‘The King is pleased that his new pinnace, the Swan, Captain Bartlett, now in Ireland shall be employed this year for the guard of the Irish Seas. Correspondence relating to the King’s pinnace the Swan provides an interesting commentary upon the Royalist failure […] Read More

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Naval Captains at the Outbreak of the English Civil War

By D. E. Kennedy

In July 1742 Parliament appointed the Earl of Warwick to command the fleet instead of Sir John Pennington, the King’s choice, and excluded two other captains. Despite these precautions, another nine captains variously declined to serve under Warwick. A detailed analysis of the naval histories of these twelve officers, and several others who had previously […] Read More

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