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Apprenticeship in the Maritime Occupations at Ipswich, 1596-1651

By John Webb

A detailed account of the indentures of young boys to learn the trade of mariners, sailors, fishermen, shipwrights and caulkers in and around Ipswich. The details include where the boys came from, the many aspects of the indentures themselves and the length of time required. This system was the process by which trained maritime individuals […] Read More

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Penn’s Expedition to Bonratty in 1646

By J. R. Powell

Description of the joint forces action by the Parliamentarian forces endeavouring to gain control in Ireland. The vessels under Admiral Penn and landed forces under Colonel McAdam, gained an initial victory at Six Mile Bridge and then held Bonratty Castle while under attack from the rebels commanded by the Earl of Muskery. Only after McAdam […] Read More

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English Shipping in the Brazil Trade, 1640-65

By C.R. Boxer

English trade in Brazil can be traced as far back as 1530. The long coastline of Brazil was sparsely populated and poorly guarded during the sixteenth century, so the evasion of regulations was both easy and profitable. The principal exports from England to Brazil were linen and woollen goods, looking glasses, hardware, haberdashery and all […] Read More

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Blake and the Brazil Fleets in 1650

By C. R. Boxer

In 1650 the Portuguese government instituted a compulsory convoy system to protect its Brazil trade from the depredations of Dutch West India company warships and privateers.  Meanwhile King John IV of Portugal had a difficult relationship with the English Commonwealth naval forces under General-at-Sea Blake, who with a potent squadron was blockading Prince Rupert’s royalist squadron in the Tagus.  This […] Read More

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A Possible Commonwealth Model

By R.C. Anderson & R.C. Anderson

These notes provide further clarity on an unknown model within the Mercury collection. Mr Gregory Robinson and R.C. Anderson believe the model to be similar to an older model dated in the c. 1650-1660s. They are working on original photographs due to the model being ‘ “restored” beyond all recognition’. (Model now housed at Annapolis) Read More

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Sir John Mennes

By Sir Geoffrey Callender

Before the Civil War Sir John Mennes served in the navy and conveyed Rubens to England. When parliament secured control of the navy he remained loyal to Charles. On the outbreak of war he was appointed Commander in Chief of the Royal forces at sea serving under Prince Rupert until his defeat by Blake. He […] Read More

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The Royalists at Sea 1651-1653

By R.C. Anderson

A description by this author following earlier articles in the Mariner’s Mirror Vol 9 and Vol 17 setting out the activities of the Royalist fleet under Prince Rupert during the closing stages of the English Civil War and outlining the political complexities of the times. Read More

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Blake and Vendome

By C.D. Curtis

Correspondence during 1652 between the French government, the English Parliamentary government and their maritime commanders Colonel Blake and the Duke of Vendome illustrating the extraordinary complexity of political matters at that time. Read More

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Blake and the Defence of Lyme Regis

By Rev. J.R. Powell

Sea power and the ability to supply by sea was key to Parliament’s success in holding out at the siege of Lyme Regis against numerically much stronger Royalist troops led by Prince Maurice. An account of the siege from the diary of Edward Drake, a civilian member of the garrison, provides an excellent description of […] Read More

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Document: Popham in the Tagus 1650

By courtesy of R. C. Anderson

The letter of 14 August 1650 is from Edward Popham, one of the Generals at Sea, to Sir Henry Vane. In it he explains the problems being experienced in trying to intercept Rupert and his allies and prevent them breaking out of the Tagus. Read More

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