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Seventeenth-Century Ships’ Timbers and Docks on the Thames Waterfront at Bellamy’s Wharf, Rotherhithe, London SE 16

By David Saxby AIFA and Damian Goodburn BA, AIFA

In early 1995 an archaeological dig was undertaken at Bellamy’s Wharf, Southwark, London prior to building work. The area was known to have hosted a number of shipbuilding activities during the Dutch and Nine Years’ Wars of the later seventeenth-century. The Gould’s Dockyard artefacts contained a number of large worked timbers, including stem and rudder […] Read More

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‘Meer Laziness’ or Incompetence: the Earl of Torrington and the Battle of Beachy Head

By Peter Le Fevre

Mr Lee would have us believe that Torrington was not a scapegoat but, by his behaviour at Beachy Head, he was entirely responsible for the outcome. Torrington, Mr Lee suggests was prepared to let the Dutch be destroyed, because it was revenge for the defeats at the Four Days Battle in 1666 and Texel in […] Read More

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The Battle of Beachy Head: Lord Torrington’s Conduct

By C.D. Lee

Lord Torrington was sent to a court martial after the Battle of Beach Head on 30th June 1690, the government held him responsible for the virtual annihilation of the Dutch squadron of the Combined Fleet. Torrington was charged with failure to fight and engage. In spite of his acquittal, King William revoked Torrington’s commission. Read More

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Lord Torrington’s Trial – a Rejoinder

By Dr Peter Le Fevre

The writer presents a detailed justification, based on ship’s logs and other records, of Lord Torrington’s conduct during the battle of Beachy Head 1690. He seeks to refute assertions, made in contemporary Dutch and other political pamphlets and since, that Lord Torrington’s subsequent acquittal at court-martial was due to Jacobite bias on the part of […] Read More

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The Earl of Torrington’s Court Marshal, 10 December 1690

By Peter Le Fevre

Arthur, Earl of Torrington was court-marshalled, and acquitted, on 10 December 1690 for refusing to fight a French fleet off Beachy Head. At the time the court-marshal proved contentious, as it was conducted before a judge advocate and twenty-seven captains, most of whom were friends of or owed allegiance to Torrington. Though found innocent of […] Read More

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Duguay Trouin: the Financial Background

By J.S. Bromley

This comprehensive analysis describes the investment and support systems that underpinned France’s extensive privateering activities during the Nine Years War (1688-97) and War of Spanish Succession (1702-13). The complex relationship between the King, his navy and leading private investors is explored in detail, with especial attention given to outlay costs, risk against reward, and the […] Read More

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John Tyrrell (1646-1692): a Restoration Navy Captain

By Peter Le Fevre

This article gives a detailed insight into the life of John Tyrrell, following archaeological investigations of the third rate ship Anne, the only English loss in the battle of Beachy Head, 1690, under Tyrrell’s command. His full career, ship commands and engagements are cited, including his dealings with Pepys and the Navy Board. Read More

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Admiral Lord Edward Russell and the Building of St Paul’s Cathedral

By John Illsley

A late seventeenth century shipwreck with a cargo of sixty-six tonnes of Carrara marble illustrates the link between the Mediterranean Command and marble imports.  English foreign policy then required commercial and naval expansion into the Mediterranean.  Leghorn, a major trade and naval base, exported, inter alia, Carrara marble.  The marble needed for building St. Paul’s […] Read More

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English Privateering in the War of 1688 to 1697

By W. R. Meyer

Covers the neglected Nine Year’s War period in study of privateering. Highlighting the linguistic evolution of the terms “piracy” and “privateering”, it traces the evolution of vessels issued with letters of marque during the period, exploring the typical design of privateering vessels. Role of the Channel Islands as a privateering base is explored and deals […] Read More

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Parliament and the Projection of Trade 1689-1694

By J.A. Johnston

Article on the political/parliamentary debates on protection of trade. Depradations of Dunkirk privateers. Legislation of 1694 and 1708. Alliance of merchant and land interests for trade protection. Debates on money bills and land tax. Read More

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