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Review: ‘Samuel Pepys and the Strange Wrecking of the ‘Gloucester’: A true Restoration tragedy’ by N. Pickford,

By David Bowen

The North Sea is a shallow but unforgiving sea, susceptible to violent and unpredictable weather, poor visibility, and beset with shifting shallows, nowhere more so than the vicinity of the North Norfolk Sandbanks and particularly the inner two called the Leman and the Ower. Dawn on 6 May 1682 revealed this sea at its worst, […] Read More

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The Port of Hugli in Seventeenth-century Bengal

By Kainat Siddiqui

Medieval Bengal occupied a focal position on the map of India due to its unique topography. The province was profusely rich in agricultural and non-agricultural produce as attested in the accounts of many foreign travellers. Satgaon and Chittagong in Bengal were the initial trading centres and custom ports in the sixteenth century. With the decline […] Read More

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Book Review: ‘The Navy and Anglo-Scottish Union, 1603– 1707’ by C. Helling

By David Wilson

In this original study, Colin Helling utilizes the Royal Navy as the lens through which to examine the relationship between England and Scotland from the union of the crowns in 1603 to parliamentary union in 1707. Highlighting that the Royal Navy was the only institution, apart from the monarchy itself, which had an accepted role […] Read More

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Revisiting the Brigantine Problem: The origins and development of eighteenth-century two-masted square-rigged ship types

By Nick Burningham & Phillip Reid

Two-masted rigs with fore- and mainmasts were used only on small and fast vessels in the seventeenth century, usually naval, privateering, or pirate vessels. Yet, by about 1750, such rigs were widely used on merchant vessels of small and middling tonnage. This article investigates whether, and if so, to what extent, technological innovation made this […] Read More

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‘Nothing to Shew for his Tomb but a Wave’: Storms, shipwreck and the human cost of global trade in seventeenth-century broadside ballads

By Duncan Frost

The sea was a source of danger but also the facilitator of global trade in the early modern period. In England, broadside ballads proclaimed the benefits of global trade and praised the actions of sailors. However, within maritime ballads, there are significant occurrences of storms, shipwrecks and tragedy. This article investigates the function of storm […] Read More

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German Contributions to Solving the Longitude Problem in the Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries

By Wolfgang Köberer

The attempts to find a solution to the longitude problem have been in the forefront of the discussion about the history of navigation in recent decades. However, pamphlets or serious works dealing with the problem of longitude in the German language, by German authors and/ or published in the German territories have been previously overlooked. […] Read More

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Disobedient Officers in the Royal Navy, about 1680–1720

By Patrick Schmidt

Studies on indiscipline and unrest aboard ship during the Age of Sail so far have mostly focused on the norm-violating behaviours of common seamen. This article, by contrast, investigates acts of insubordination committed by warrant and commissioned officers in the Royal Navy, using courts martial records as sources. It traces the contours of that historical […] Read More

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New Light on the Survivors of the Vergulde Draak, a VOC Ship Wrecked on the Australian Coast (1656)

By Leigh T. I. Penman

This article introduces a document from the Amsterdam City Archive which sheds new light on the fate of the Vergulde Draak, or Gilt Dragon, a United Dutch East India Company (VOC) ship wrecked off Australia’s west coast in 1656. The document identifies one of the survivors of the wreck who made it on to the […] Read More

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Where is the Ship Which From the Ceiling Hung?’ Ghost Ships: The ship models missing from Scotland’s churches

By Meredith Greiling

A recent survey of the surviving ship models in Scottish churches has identified an interesting chronological gap, an absence which has created the impression that ship models in Scotland’s churches are a nineteenth-century phenomenon. Existing older models from the seventeenth century have been dismissed as anomalies harking back to pre-Reformation votive offerings washed away in […] Read More

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Book Review-‘Britain and the Ocean Road: Shipwrecks and people, 1297–1825’ by I. Friel, Pen

By Jack Pink

Britain’s maritime history is often studied by looking at events on the large scale. Friel’s book does something different. This book tells the individual stories of eight different ships, through which we can get a snapshot of events spanning just over 500 years. This is the first of two volumes employing this approach, with the […] Read More

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