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Observational Methods and Procedures for the Mariner’s Astrolabe

By Nicolàs de Hilster

The practical assessment of the accuracy of the mariner’s astrolabe has been the subject of discussion in The Mariner’s Mirror. This article gives further insight on this topic, based on period knowledge and statistical analysis of period and modern data. In addition, reference to more modern studies on this topic is given in an attempt to […] Read More

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The Royal Yacht Henrietta of 1679: Identification and Principal Dimensions

By Kelvin Moneypenny & Dorin Paul Bucur

In 2012 the attention of the authors was drawn to a pen-and-ink drawing in the style of the Van de Veldes. This paper sets out to identify the subject of this drawing as the Henrietta yacht of 1679. It then proceeds to define the main dimensions of Henrietta and in particular that she was built with a more upright […] Read More

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Note: On the Attempt to Assess the Accuracy of the Astrolabe

By Wolfgang Köberer

A study of the accuracy of an astrolabe, taking into account previous studies, concluding that the instrument and the observer were more likely to be accurate than the maps he might be using. Read More

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Some Aspects of the Life and Career of William Sutherland

By Cris Mallagh

This paper offers some new insights into aspects of the life and work of the shipwright William Sutherland (1668–1740). He went to sea in 1679 and advanced to master carpenter by 1692. Afterwards he served three years as quarterman at Portsmouth under his uncle William Bagwell. At Deptford in 1715 he became embroiled in controversies […] Read More

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The Law and Language of Private Naval Warfare

By N. A. M. Rodger

Piracy and privateering figure very extensively in history, and in current affairs, but much of the discussion is undermined by the common failure to define the terms and understand the legal distinctions between them. Moreover it is essential to consider with care the translation of languages and legal systems. The paper attempts to clarify the […] Read More

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Tactics of Sixteenth Century Galley Artillery

By Joseph Eliav

The use of artillery in Mediterranean galley warfare was often perceived as being restricted to the firing of single salvos at very short range before ramming and boarding the enemy ship enabled the main fight in close combat. The article contests the reasons contemporary literature gives for this tactic and argues that it was both […] Read More

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Notes made by Thomas Harriot (1560-1622) on Ships and Shipbuilding

By Jacqueline Steal

Notes made by Thomas Herriot in about 1608 on the vocabulary and technicalities of ships and shipbuilding offer an insight into the practical world.  He wrote about the ideal height of a mast, on fashion pieces, ropes and other topics. Read More

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Note: Fid and Marlinspike Etymologies

By William Sayers

The earliest use of the word ‘fid’ is explored, with Thomas Harriot’s use of the word at the beginning of the seventeenth century noted. The connection between fids and marlinspikes  is explained. Read More

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The Gun and Corsia of Early Modern Mediterranean Galleys: Design Issues and Rationales

By Joseph Eliav

An early modern Mediterranean galley carried its main piece of artillery on a wheelless mount inside the raised centreline gangway (the corsia). The gun mount stood on two well-lubricated rails that sloped downwards from fore to aft. In its firing position, the gun was in the bows and when fired recoil propelled it all the way […] Read More

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Turbulent Waters: Sea Raiding in Early Modern South East Asia

By Robert J. Anthony

Between 1500 and 1860 piracy in South East Asia was a multinational enterprise, involving European, American, Chinese, Japanese, and indigenous sea raiders. Although Western pirates occasionally made their way into South East Asian waters, they never posed as much of a threat to the prosperity and stability of the area as the buccaneers had done […] Read More

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