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Book Review-‘Crail and its Fisheries: 1550–1600’ by T. Riis

By Michael Leek

The study of Scottish fisheries is frequented by publications that often tend to be ‘populist’ in nature. This is not a criticism, as without such works we would be so much the poorer in our knowledge of an important part of Scottish and, indeed, British maritime history. However, in the wider public domain there are […] Read More

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Book Review-‘Victory: From fighting the Armada to Trafalgar and beyond’ by Iain Ballantyne/Nelson Navy and Nation: The Royal Navy and the British people, 1688–1815 by Quintin Colville and James Davey (eds)and Jonathan Eastlan

By Martin Robson

Both of these books have one fundamental thing in common: at their heart they deal with real objects, living heritage, which readers can see for themselves either by visiting HMS Victory in Portsmouth or the long-term exhibition entitled Nelson, Navy and Nation at the National Maritime Museum (NMM). In that sense their apparent audience is […] Read More

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Book Review-‘Tropic Suns: Seadogs aboard an English galleon’ by J. S. Dean

By John Ratcliffe

Drake, Hawkins, Raleigh and their ilk continue to stir the imaginations of academic and popular historians alike, despite the often scant evidence on which their voyages can be reconstructed. Here Professor James Seay Dean attempts to convey the realities of life during Tudor and Jacobean expeditions to the West Indies, emphasizing that spoiled provisions, scurvy […] Read More

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Book Review – ‘Elizabeth’s Sea Dogs: How the English became the scourge of the seas’ by Hugh Bicheno

By Cheryl Fury

In many ways the popular opinions about Queen Elizabeth I’s leading maritime commanders have not changed in many decades. Men like Sir Francis Drake and his ilk are credited with the successful naval defence of England. When they sailed as privateers, their unscrupulous plundering of the mighty Spanish empire is seen as patriotic. Despite some […] Read More

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Book Review-‘1545: Who sank the ‘Mary Rose’? ‘by P. Marsden

By Fred Hocker

One of the questions asked of any shipwreck, whether a recent tragedy or an archaeological find, is why it did sink? Very often the real question being asked is, who is at fault? Modern accident investigation techniques focus on identifying all of the contributing factors to an air crash or ship sinking, such as technical […] Read More

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Subjects include: Archaeology | Historic Vessels, Museums & Restoration

Book Review – ‘Inside the Illicit Economy: Reconstructing the smugglers’ trade of sixteenth century Bristol’ by Evan T. Jones

By Claire Jowitt

As a literary critic and cultural historian, rather than an economic historian, and as a reader that likes to be told stories, especially ripping good yarns, I approached reviewing Evan Jones’ detailed account of the ‘business’ of smuggling in sixteenth-century Bristol with some trepidation. Inside the Illicit Economy is not a ‘romantic’ account of smuggling, but […] Read More

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Book Review – ‘Pirate Nation: Elizabeth I and her royal sea rovers’ by Kathrin Zickermann

By Kathrin Zickermann

In his book Pirate Nation, David Childs takes a close look at the involvement of Queen Elizabeth, her Privy Council, the High Court of Admiralty and local magistrates in English piratical activities. According to Childs, the English monarch saw acts of state-sponsored piracy – mainly directed against Spain and Portugal – as one of few options […] Read More

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‘Book Review – ‘The Maritime History of Cornwall’ by David Jenkins

By David Jenkins

There are some books which are a delight to hold, and to behold, even before one delves into their pages – and this is one of them. A pleasingly chunky volume, the front of the dust jacket features Joseph Southall’s The Three Masted Schooner, his limpid and evocative 1919 marine landscape of a sailing vessel at […] Read More

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Book Review – ‘The Navy of Edward VI and Mary I’ by C. S. Knighton and David Loades (eds)

By Tim Runyan

This volume continues the rich tradition of the Navy Records Society in making available printed primary source material on significant topics. Editors Knighton and Loades have brought together an exemplary body of material that reveals the inner working of the navies of Edward VI and Mary I. Of particular note is the inclusion in this […] Read More

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Note: The Wreck of the ‘Apostle’ San Bartolomé (1597)

By José Luis Casaban

The location of this Spanish wreck dating from 1597 has been disputed, but documentary evidence reconstructs the events which led to its loss. Read More

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