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The Finance of a Sixteenth-Century Navigator, Thomas Cavendish of Trimley in Suffolk

By Gwenyth Dyke

The financing and planning of Elizabethan voyages, including those of Thomas Cavendish are little understood, the reason being the destruction and splitting up of the legal documents combined with the syndicate members wanting to keep their affairs private. Cavendish’s first voyage proved successful in terms of prizes and discoveries. The third voyage was intended to […] Read More

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Her Majesty’s Will and Pleasure: Volume XI of an Extensive Reconstruction, 1599-1601

By Patrick Brian MacCarthy

This is a commentary on the eleventh volume, published in 1956, of a twelve volume limited-edition history of Elizabethan England by E.M. Tenison, a member of the Society for Nautical Research. The work is based on much original material, some of it newly-discovered, with this volume covering the period 1599-1601. It largely dwells on Essex’s […] Read More

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More About the Ship of the Renaissance

By Commandant L Guilleux La Roërie

The author uses his notes from an earlier Mariner’s Mirror article by Morton Nance in an attempt to trace the evolution of the ocean-going sailing ship from the mid-fourteenth to mid-sixteenth centuries. He addresses the adoption of Atlantic types of cog in the Mediterranean and also the development of western and Mediterranean carracks. Accuracy in […] Read More

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The Ship of the Renaissance Part II

By R. Morton Nance

In the Mediterranean it would seem that, once the idea of sails auxiliary to the mainsail was accepted, square foresail and topsail and lateen mizzen all blossomed forth almost simultaneously in the largest ships. The Mediterranean carrack type became the pattern for the build and rig of later fifteenth-century three-masters, as we find them most […] Read More

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William Sabyn of Ipswich: An Early Tudor Sea-Officer and Merchant

By John G Webb

The context of the article is the move away from ships being under the dual control of a military officer and a master, to the appointment of captains skilled in fighting and seamanship. Such a person is William Sabyn and his time in service of Henry VIII is carefully described. The article includes quotes from […] Read More

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‘Great England’s Glory’

By Richard C Fraser

Essentially a review and discussion of parts of Volume x of E M Tenison’s Elizabethan England: Being the History of this Country ‘In relation to all Foreign Princes’. In R C Fraser’s comments on the tenth volume of E. M. Tenison’s ‘Elizabethan England’ he has highlighted the modern interpretation of a number of historical events that […] Read More

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Called into Action by Her Majesty

By L. Graham H. Horton-Smith

This article draws on letters and other papers, some printed for the first time, collected in E.M. Tennison’s Elizabethan England . . . ‘In relation to Foreign Princes’ 1592-1596, vol. ix in order to counter nineteenth and twentieth century characterisations of Drake and Hawkins as corsairs. It reveals that Elizabeth’s opponents provided significant tributes to […] Read More

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New Light on Hakluyt

By K.R. Andrews

The article investigates brief accounts recorded in Richard Hakluyt’s Principal Navigations of the voyages of the Black Dog (Captain William Michelson) to the Bay of Mexico and the Delight (Captain John Chudleigh) to the Strait of Magellan, both made in 1589. Hakluyt’s account is checked against material found in the records of the High Court […] Read More

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English Shipping in the Brazil Trade, 1640-65

By C.R. Boxer

English trade in Brazil can be traced as far back as 1530. The long coastline of Brazil was sparsely populated and poorly guarded during the sixteenth century, so the evasion of regulations was both easy and profitable. The principal exports from England to Brazil were linen and woollen goods, looking glasses, hardware, haberdashery and all […] Read More

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Appraisements of Elizabethan Privateersmen

By K.R. Andrews

The records of the High Court of Admiralty in the PRO include a series known as the files of Libels. Among these documents are occasionally found appraisements, usually of prize ships. Particularly interesting are those of the English privateers Katherine of Weymouth, Barkway and Fortunas of London, vessels of between thirty and seventy tons, in […] Read More

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