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Documents: Bounty Ships 1581-1594

By courtesy of Lt-Comdr. J. W. Damer-Powell RNR

The list of ships of 100 tons or more, dated 16 November 1594, indicates the bounty paid at five shillings a ton but in a few cases the amount has been wrongly calculated. Names of ships have been left as written but names of ports have been modernised. Read More

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The Society Annual Lecture 1931: The Henry Grace Dieu

By L. G. Carr Laughton

This was the Society’s first of what became the official Annual Lecture and followed the previous year’s successful, informal gathering. Carr Laughton’s lecture was based on research undertaken in the official documents stored within the Public Records Office (now the National Archive) relating to the construction of the Henry Grace Dieu. From his findings he […] Read More

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The Order of St. John of Jerusalem

By William E. Brockman

  The archives of the Order provide numerous Orders in Council, references to grants, taxes levied and contracts entered into, and much correspondence, all of which indicate that the Knights, as they grew more and more powerful, and as their fleet grew more numerous, spared no pains to keep the maintenance of their material in […] Read More

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More Light on Drake 1577-80

By E.G.R. Taylor

There were previously several gaps in the understanding of Drake’s famous voyage around the world in the Penguin from 1577-80. These included the identity of the promoters of the voyage, its original purpose and the conduct and integrity of John Winter, who sailed, with Drake, in the Elizabeth. In fact the promoters were the members […] Read More

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Master John Dee, Drake and the Straits of Anian

By E.G.R. Taylor

Dee’s association with the leaders of each successive voyage openly for the discovery of a new passage to Cathay has hardly been accorded its due weight. Abundant evidence of the close relationship between John Dee and Queen Elizabeth and her counsellors is to be found in the Compendious Rehearsal of John Dee, Nov. 9th, 1592. […] Read More

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Fore Topsail Halliards and Backstays in 16th and Early 17th Century Ships

By Major C. V. S. Jackson

The author seeks to refute the assertion by ‘several well-known authorities’ that the fore topsail halliards in Elizabethan ships were led aft, via purchase and crowfeet, to the mainstay and only then down to the deck. He postulates rather that the arrangement shown in contemporary pictures in fact represents a fore topmast backstay attached directly […] Read More

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Thomas Eldred: Merchant

By A. D. Harrison

Thomas Eldred was an elderly tallow chandler from Ipswich with an interest in navigation who accompanied Sir Thomas Cavendish in his two year circumnavigation of the world out of Plymouth from July I586 to September I588 in Drakes’ footsteps via the Straits of Magellan and the South Seas as recounted in Hakluyt’s Voyages. Read More

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Document: Returns by Cornelis Johnson, the King’s gunmaker, of the supply and repair of ordnance in the Navy 1st August 1512 – 10th Feb. 1512/13

By courtesy of Major Evan Fyers

The document, written in Tudor English, details the monies spent by Johnson on the supply of ordnance to His Majesty’s ships, payments made for timber and for the time of skilled labour also working on the said ships. The document also confirms that Johnson was reimbursed the cost he had incurred. Read More

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Harwich Dockyard

By Captain L. H. St C. Cary, R.N.

Harwich Dockyard was founded in 1326 by Queen Eleanor wife of Edward II and was enlarged by Queen Elizabeth. It continued to be of great importance until Sheerness was established in the middle of the 17th century. It was practically closed down in 1713 and thereafter let to private shipbuilding firms. Its significance in 1588 […] Read More

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The Flanders Galleys: Some Notes on Seaborne Trade between Venice and England

By H G Rawlinson

Venice wanted wool and cloth to exchange for the Oriental wares she could procure. The Flanders Galleys were a state-organised venture whose return journeys to English and other ports, at irregular intervals reflecting commercial conditions, could take 18-24 months. Examples are quoted of crews’ size and nature, cargoes, captains’ contracts, English safe conducts, the piracy […] Read More

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