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Where did Drake Careen the Golden Hind in June/July 1579? A Mariner’s Assessment

By Sir Simon Cassels

In June 1579, the treasure-laden Golden Hind was off the Pacific coast of North America. The article reassess how far north Drake sailed and where he prepared his ship for a Pacific crossing. Off Foulweather Cape, cold and foggy weather forced a return southwards in search of a harbour. The author argues, with maps and […] Read More

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Cavendish’s Last Voyage Part III: John Jane’s Narrative of the Voyage of the Desire

By R F Hitchcock

This is the last of three papers (see 1994/3 and 2001/1) on Cavendish’s disastrous 1591-93 expedition to the Pacific. This paper concentrates on the narrative of John Jane, who sailed in the fleet as supercargo on the Desire, commanded by John Davis. Cavendish blamed Davis for the failure of the expedition – rightly, it seems. […] Read More

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Dikes, Dockheads and Gates: English Docks and Sea Power in the Sixteenth and Seventeenth Centuries

By Brian Dietz

English docks at the close of the fifteenth century were the primitive structures of the Late Middle Ages.  It took six months to build a dockhead and a further month to dismantle it for the ship to be moved.  In 1578 funding was provided for a dock rebuild which included the installation of a gate, […] Read More

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John Ley (c.1550-1604): Elizabethan Sea Captain and Explorer: his Background, Together with a Voyage from Lyme Regis to Spain in 1580

By Raymond J. Skinner

This article brings together all available evidence of this pioneering explorer, soldier and sailor of fortune, associated with Martin Frobisher and Walter Raleigh. His letters reveal little of the man, as he did not publicise himself or his travels. Evidence now reveals his involvement with Walsingham and spying for the English cause. Read More

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Cavendish’s Last Voyage Part II: Purposes Revealed and Concealed

By R. F. Hitchcock

The objectives of Thomas Cavendish’s disastrous second voyage (1591-93) were ostensibly to capture Spanish merchant ships and trade with China, repeating the success of his earlier round-the-world expedition.  Analysis of the personnel carried aboard his vessels and surviving accounts, however, suggest that he may have also intended to found a colony at São Vincente, Brazil, […] Read More

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Chester, Liverpool and the Basque Region in the Sixteenth Century

By Janet E. Hollinshead

The reign of Elizabeth I saw increased commercial hostilities between England and Spain. The Basque region offered trading opportunities remote from the control of Spanish and French monarchs. Chester and Liverpool were similarly distant from the Tudor court. These North Western ports developed trade with the Basque region. Liverpool and Chester merchants struggled to maintain […] Read More

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Training and Education in the Elizabethan Maritime Community, 1585-1603

By Cheryl A. Fury

Apprenticeship at sea served the usual Elizabethan goals of technical education and social discipline.   There was no formal seamen’s guild to regulate marine apprenticeship, but examinations were proposed to mirror those used in Spain. Instead inertia maintained the individual decisions made by mariners to train the young. There was a legal basis for apprentices, where […] Read More

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The Rise of the English Sailcloth Industry 1565-1643: Coastal Trade Records as an Indicator of Import Substitution

By Martha Morris

During the period of the Tudors, when England was developing into a major maritime power, much of the naval stores required for shipbuilding were imported from across the North Sea. At this time Ipswich became a significant centre for the production of numerous types of sailcloth. Using the Ipswich port books Morris demonstrates how, in […] Read More

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Note: Sir Francis Drake Discovered Cape Horn

By Raymond Aker

A close examination of the geography and historical evidence shows that Drake did discover Cape Horn, and not merely the cape on Henderson Island. Read More

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Note: John Malyn and the Projected Assault on ‘New Haven’ in Queen Mary’s War.

By C.S. Knighton

This account continues the articles already published in MM 1967, and establishes which New Haven was attacked, and the role played by the vice-admiral. Read More

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