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Note: The Wreck of the ‘Apostle’ San Bartolomé (1597)

By José Luis Casaban

The location of this Spanish wreck dating from 1597 has been disputed, but documentary evidence reconstructs the events which led to its loss. Read More

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Note: The Figurehead/Badge of the Mary Rose 1510–45

By David Pulvertaft

The history of the Mary Rose and its figurehead, with detailed explanations of its design and purpose. Read More

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Sea Travel at the End of the Middle Ages Based on the Account of the Embassy to Spain and Portugal given by Roger Machado (1489)

By Michel Bochaca

This article assesses the journal of Roger Machado, Richmond Herald to King Henry VII, who journeyed on a diplomatic mission by sea from Southampton via Plymouth and Falmouth to Spain and Portugal to meet the Catholic Monarchs, and returned six months later landing in Padstow, Cornwall. Machado’s journal is one of the few late fifteenth-century […] Read More

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Peter Carder’s Strange Adventures Revealed

By Amilcar D'Avila de Mello

Peter Carder sailed with Drake during the famous 1577-80 circumnavigation of the world. His account of his adventure in South America was published in London in 1625 and widely accepted as truth.   Was Carder a skilled sailor, great mathematician, attacked and held captive? Did he live amongst cannibals? Could he have paddled 1,900 nautical […] Read More

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Document: Masts, Cordage and Iron Guns: Maintaining a Tudor War Fleet in the 1540s

By courtesy of Professor John D. Fudge

In the waning years of his reign Henry VIII spent a sizeable fortune, upwards of £2 million sterling, on military campaigns against the Scots and French. William Watson, Henry’s agent in Danzig, arranged purchases of naval supplies in the Baltic port and had them sent to the Keeper of the King’s Ships at Deptford Strand […] Read More

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Document: Anatomy of Defeat: the Testimony of Juan Martínez de Recalde and Don Alonso Martínez de Leyva on the Failure of the Spanish Armada in 1588

By courtesy of Geoffrey Parker

The ‘papeles curiosos’ include a dossier sent to Don Martín de Idiáquez by his relative Juan Martínez de Recalde, second-in-command of the Spanish Armada. The dossier constitutes the political testament of the Armada’s two most senior fighting officers. It reveals for the first time, over four centuries later, what, and who, they thought had caused […] Read More

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Where did Drake Careen the Golden Hind in June/July 1579? A Mariner’s Assessment

By Sir Simon Cassels

In June 1579, the treasure-laden Golden Hind was off the Pacific coast of North America. The article reassess how far north Drake sailed and where he prepared his ship for a Pacific crossing. Off Foulweather Cape, cold and foggy weather forced a return southwards in search of a harbour. The author argues, with maps and […] Read More

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Cavendish’s Last Voyage Part III: John Jane’s Narrative of the Voyage of the Desire

By R F Hitchcock

This is the last of three papers (see 1994/3 and 2001/1) on Cavendish’s disastrous 1591-93 expedition to the Pacific. This paper concentrates on the narrative of John Jane, who sailed in the fleet as supercargo on the Desire, commanded by John Davis. Cavendish blamed Davis for the failure of the expedition – rightly, it seems. […] Read More

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Dikes, Dockheads and Gates: English Docks and Sea Power in the Sixteenth and Seventeenth Centuries

By Brian Dietz

English docks at the close of the fifteenth century were the primitive structures of the Late Middle Ages.  It took six months to build a dockhead and a further month to dismantle it for the ship to be moved.  In 1578 funding was provided for a dock rebuild which included the installation of a gate, […] Read More

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John Ley (c.1550-1604): Elizabethan Sea Captain and Explorer: his Background, Together with a Voyage from Lyme Regis to Spain in 1580

By Raymond J. Skinner

This article brings together all available evidence of this pioneering explorer, soldier and sailor of fortune, associated with Martin Frobisher and Walter Raleigh. His letters reveal little of the man, as he did not publicise himself or his travels. Evidence now reveals his involvement with Walsingham and spying for the English cause. Read More

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