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Note: Archeology of the Royal Mint, the First Naval Victualling Yard

By Peter Mills

The site of the former Royal Mint has now been shown to have been a depot and manufactory of victuals for the navy from 1560. The structures are located asnd described. Read More

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Note: Fresh Light on the 1596 Expedition to Cadiz

By Stephen and Elizabeth Usherwood

An account of the previously unknown journal compiled on board one of the ships which carried out the plundering of Cadiz in 1596. Read More

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Note: Spanish Armada Prisoners’ Escape from Ireland

By David Quin

A document revealing the escape of thirty Spaniards from their English captors in Ireland. Read More

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Surgeons of the Mary Rose: the Practice of Surgery in Tudor England

By James Watt

Examination of the surgeon’s chest found aboard the Mary Rose has produced evidence that the Tudor sea-surgeon was far more skilled and advanced in practice than hitherto recognized. The instruments discovered suggest that modern practices were employed; these in turn constitute a linear connection with today’s military surgery methods. The untouched state of the chest […] Read More

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European Seamanship in the Great Age of Discovery

By G V Scammell

This article describes in some detail the many hazards risked by early seamen, during the fifteenth, sixteenth and early seventeenth centuries, and their methods of overcoming those hazards insofar as they were able to do so. Consideration is given of the facts that climate and navigation were not fully understood, whilst ships were themselves not […] Read More

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The Elizabethan Seaman

By Kenneth R. Andrews

The Elizabethan explorers are well known; not so the seamen.  Those mariners are seen through the jaundiced eyes of commanders of pressed men with low pay, crowded conditions and poor food. Local history sources, the 1582 shipping census and the Admiralty Court are needed to speak to the infrastructure beneath the seamen and masters, the […] Read More

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Note: The Ownership of Drake’s Golden Hind

By Paul Williams

The discovery of a document among the records of the High Court of the Admiralty proves that Drake himself owned the Golden Hind, which he had had built Read More

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Note: A Pirate’s Log ?

By N.A.M. Rodger

An interesting document in the National Archives appears to show the calculations of an Elizabethan pirate who may have visited the North Cape. Read More

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Note: A Pirate’s Log?

By N.A.M. Rodger

It is surmised that this scrap of paper in The National Archives is a portion of a pirate’s log, detailing a voyage in the Mediterranean on the back of a chart showing the North Cape. Read More

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A Levy of Seamen in the Cinque Ports 1602

By J.J.N. McGurk

Keeping a fleet at sea to intercept the Spanish fleet, anticiapted off Ireland, meant that manning the English ships became a prime concern. Orders were sent to the Cinque Ports ordering the appropriate authorities to assist ‘with all expedition’ in drafting men into the navy.   The men were to be properly clothed, having been properly […] Read More

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