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The Shape of the Ships that Defeated the Spanish Armada

By Tom Glasgow Jr.

During the latter half of the sixteenth century, it is apparent that the English shipbuilders were constantly experimenting, seeking the perfect shape for their ships. This article details the various attempts to identify the most efficient shape, and the success achieved, in particular with regard to the ships that fought against the Spanish Armada. Read More

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An Armada Pilot’s Survey of the English Coastline, October 1597

By Albert J. Loomie, SJ

This provides an English translation of part of a pilot’s survey prepared for the abortive 1597 Spanish Armada, together with a commentary. The venture’s failure obscures intelligent planning including an indeterminate approach – with flexible orders and a comprehensive coastline survey. The latter shows the pilot’s familiarity with the western and south-western ports of England […] Read More

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The Raleghs Take to the Sea

By Michael J. G. Stanford MA

When Walter Ralegh the elder (1505-81), the father of the Elizabethan courtier Sir Walter Ralegh, married into the mercantile Drake family, he turned his attention from farming to the sea. He financed privateers that were captained by his elder sons John and George, making money by activities that bordered on piracy and landed him in […] Read More

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The Woolwich Ship

By W. Salisbury

Though the story of the unearthing (1912) of the Woolwich Ship has been told by Dr. R.C. Anderson (Mariner’s Mirror May 1959), until now its identification remained a mystery. Based on existing evidence, including the author’s reconstruction of a portion of the ship’s hull, the author concludes that the wreck is the Sovereign. The Sovereign […] Read More

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The Square-Tuck Stern and the Gun Deck

By L.G.Carr Laughton

The transition of warship design from the round stern to a square tuck stern occurred during the reign of King Henry VII, probably prior to his war with France in 1512. This design facilitates placement of large bore guns “murderers” on the lower orlop deck able to deliver broadsides to enemy ships at their waterline. […] Read More

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Early Tudor Ship-Guns

By L.G. Carr Laughton and Michael Lewis

Drawing on inventories and other evidence, some old and some new, this paper examines the nature and distribution of the guns on board ship between 1485 and 1515. The schedules available for individual ships are discussed and, given the uncertainties as to nomenclature, this involves a discussion of the features of individual types, as well […] Read More

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The Mary Gonson

By R.C. Anderson

The specification of a ship similar to those that fought against the French, signed by William Gonson and assigned to 1514, exists in the State Papers. A copy annotated by the late L G Carr Laughton was left with studies he had made in the 1930s. The 1960 paper quotes from the specification and Laughton’s […] Read More

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Grainne O’Malley

By A. Macdermott

Grainne O’Malley is part of 16th century Irish history and legend. Her marriages among the chiefs of the nations of Western Ireland, her leadership in their seafaring piracy and extortions of neighbouring districts are detailed, as are her continuous anti-English activities. Details are given of a meeting with the Irish Lord Deputy in 1576 and […] Read More

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Apprenticeship in the Maritime Occupations at Ipswich, 1596-1651

By John Webb

A detailed account of the indentures of young boys to learn the trade of mariners, sailors, fishermen, shipwrights and caulkers in and around Ipswich. The details include where the boys came from, the many aspects of the indentures themselves and the length of time required. This system was the process by which trained maritime individuals […] Read More

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The Story of the Woolwich Ship

By R. C. Anderson

Newspaper letters pages sometimes host historians’ debates; as when 1912 excavations near Woolwich uncovered a large ship, ascribed initially to the 18c. The timber was sold. A year later, Seymour Lucas wrote that she was the Grace-à-Dieu.   Then Leonard Laughton suggested a 17c block ship. Another correspondent wondered what 16c ship could be found in […] Read More

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