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Typhus and American Prisoners in the War of Independence

By Philip Ranlet

This article reconsiders and re-examines typhus, the prominent pathological killer in the eighteenth century. It primarily concentrates on the causes, nature and effects of the disease in question in relation to the Atlantic world of the late eighteenth century. The case study on which the article is focused is that of the American prisoners during […] Read More

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Note: A New Interpretation of a Robert Cleveley Watercolour

By Don N Hagist

A close examination of this painting establishes that the title by which it is (was) known at the NMM needed to be altered to match the landing it actually represents. This note indicates that the subject of Robert Cleveley’s painting known as Occupation of Rhode Island, 9 December 1776 is in fact a depiction of the […] Read More

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The Supply of Casks and Staves to the Royal Navy, 1770–1815

By Roger Morriss

The sailing Royal Navy needed wooden casks for fresh water, alcohol and food. Consumption peaked in 1805: Deptford Yard issued 72,253 tight casks and 72,073 dry casks, and the annual average at Portsmouth was 10,000 and at Plymouth 21,700. From the 1780s cask staves were principally English beech, from 1800, oak from Quebec, but the […] Read More

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Nelson’s Uncle: Captain Maurice Suckling R.N.

By David Syrett

Captain Maurice Sucking entered the Royal Navy at the age of 13 as an able seaman. During his career he climbed the ranks to command 60 and 70-gun ships. His career took him through an eventful time in European history, including the War of Jenkins Ear and the Seven Year War, but despite this he […] Read More

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The Encounter between Kempenfelt and De Guichen, December 1781: Some Documents in the Döbeln Collection, Stockholm

By Åke Lindwall

The Swedish general Georg Carl von Döbeln was a witness to the encounter between Kempenfelt and de Guichen in 1781, and his accounts provide the source for this article. Having been a naval cadet, and having frequently provided illustrated accounts of military engagements, he was qualified to provide detailed reports which accurately reflect his understanding […] Read More

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Count Down to the Saintes: a Strategy of Detachments and the Quest for Naval Superiority in the West Indies, 1780-2

By David Syrett

The article sets out Britain’s earlier reliance on containment in European waters, and then goes on to outline the strategy of detachments, particularly in the West Indies. The case of the unfortunate Bonetta and the French determination to take the battle to the areas of acknowleged superiority are revealed.   Poor communications are examined, as well […] Read More

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Note: The Date of the Battle of Flamborough

By Peter Ansoff

A ‘mistake’ made by John Paul Jones of the Bonhomme Richard was repeated by other eye-witnesses and commentators without question, perhaps because of the practice of keeping the log by nautical day instead of civil day, so events on the 23 September actually took place on 24 September. Read More

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Sir George Rodney and St Eustatius in the American War: a Commercial and Naval Distraction, 1775-81

By Kenneth Breen

During the American Revolution the Dutch Caribbean island of St Eustatius was a major transit point for trade with the rebels and French islands. The British Administration was particularly aggrieved by British merchants who supplied the majority of the goods, thereby sustaining the country’s enemies. To eliminate the trade the island was invaded in February […] Read More

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The Procurement of Shipping by the Board of Ordnance during the American War, 1775-82

By David Syrett

During the American War British forces were fighting in North America, the West Indies and the Mediterranean. Responsibility rested with the Board of Ordnance to transport engineers and the Royal Regiment of Artillery along with their equipment and munitions to overseas destinations and to naval and military sites round Britain. To undertake these tasks the […] Read More

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The Mercer Affair

By R.J. Adam

In May 1777 the French bound 322 ton merchant ship Mercer was brought into the Cumberland port of Whitehaven, having been taken by her crew as a prize. This was an episode in the War of American Independence with those responsible for relieving the captain of his command being ‘Old Countrymen stranded on the wrong […] Read More

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